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Hey Guys,

Well, that was disappointing. Just got home after listening to the first section of your second podcast on the final episode of Game of Thrones and, wow that”s a hell of a decision to all of a sudden break out your comedy fanfiction routine on the penultimate episode of the GOT podcast. I found your podcast at the start of the last season because I was looking for a new podcast on GOT. I really liked your work. I only listened to the first two episodes of each week because I”m not into the whole email theories thing. Because I liked it I downloaded some of your movie podcasts. I really enjoyed the one on Die Hard and was looking forward to the one on Heat. Yikes, Gene and Roger were great but Ebert”s contrary, non sequitur act hit a new low when he had to be corralled in by G & R because he was asking questions that only someone that didn”t watch the whole movie would ask. I felt embarrassed for G & R when it happened, a couple of times. I mean, you are asking people to give you money for that effort?!?! So, I dropped that podcast but stayed with GOT because Ebert seemed to actually watch the episodes. But after this episode, I”m out of the ShatonTV world. Thanks for the GOT podcast as a whole.

Take care,

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  1. Kenny P. says:

    They broke out the fan Fiction on the finale… and a ton of other platforms are doing a similar thing. It’s an exercise on creativity which is honestly fine. It’s going to be a fan fict episode all in its own. But Dick Ebert is a National Treasure, and you’d be better served not criticizing him based on 1 or 2 podcasts. I like Dicks opinion personally, while it’s not for everyone, obviously, it helps to keep diversity on the pod. But good luck to you finding better, because it’s not out there.

    As for The podcast, it’s the best one you’ll find, and I’ll debate you until my death on it. Dick Ebert should be a personal goal for everyone to aspire to be as a human.

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