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I’m happy you shat on the finale and S3 somewhat in general. I’m a HUGE WW fan, tweeted all about it at start of season, told friends to watch, etc. I even streamed a discussion with a friend about various theories, circa ep 2 or 3.

And NONE of those theories came true except for the most simple one. What a booooooring conclusion.

Caleb sucked, sorry. What a useless character after such a tremendous ep 1.

Was Charlotte’s 2 slightly different recordings to her son just an editing mistake? Where is this mirror world? What’s the point of all the variations?

Actions scenes suuuuuuucked. The environments were amazing. But the action was very visibly subpar.

Plot holes, not sure, more like plot confusion and unanswered questions that were important to be answered.

Wtf is with hosts eventually just ignoring bullets? Was it so hard to insert one line about Dolores changing her programming?

Why the samurai sword for Maeve? Coz she’s Asian?

So what happened to all the white stuff in the barrels? Did Musashi never make other hosts?

How and when did Dolores make the plan? I expected that explanation to be the cold open for the finale.

And so much more. Just a million questions. This was absolutely the worst westworld season yet despite the great first 2 episodes.

So disappointed. But happy you were honest about it, would seem inauthentic otherwise. We all want WE to be amazing, but when it sucks, it must be said. How can creators adjust if everyone pays it false praise?

My roommate started watching Homeland after WW and my god, one episode of that show has more drama than this entire season of WW.

Here’s to S4 being better! Thanks for the show. Cheers.

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