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Hey Guys,

I’m a long time listener and fan, and have written a few times on Westworld in Season 1. I’ve listened to all your TV show podcasts and most of your film ones – I even followed and enjoyed all your Taboo podcasts which always seems to surprise you when your listeners have done so (note: I did enjoy Taboo much more than American Gods).

Anyhow, I’ve just had an interesting thought on Dolores. If we spell her name DElores – as it is pronounced – the spelling of Delos and Delores are very similar, the only letters of difference are “re” in relation to Delores. When we look up “re” we see it is borrowed from Latin and used for “again and again”, redo or repetition, which is why “re” is used at the start of words like regenerate, refurbish, retype and retrace.

Could it be that the name Dolores is a nod to re-Delos? ie: Delos a second time? Perhaps, Delos wanted humans to become hosts, while Dolores wants hosts to become humans… read on.

This marries well into my own theory I’ve had since season two episode one. If you remember, Dolores and her crew were specifically setting up traps to capture the humans and Delos executives. At the time, it led to them finding the way into the underbelly of the staff areas, but I always thought – what if she is capturing humans so that she can create host duplicate bodies of the humans they capture, which she can put her and her kinds’ woke consciences into. It’s not hard to believe they have found access to a remote site that creates host bodies. We’ve seen a few already. New host bodies gets them around the problem with the C4 in the spine blowing up when they leave the park and gives them the ability to fit into human society outside the park without much issue. It also explains why Teddy’s body would be floating in the lake in a way that Teddy is still alive, ie: it is the shell of his old host body while his conscience is in another human looking host.

The final problem in the escape plan is to be able to mimic their human “host” perfectly, but I think this is a reference to the “weapon” which William made – ie: The park is designed to capture the traits and character type of it’s human guests. This could be the weapon that Dolores now seeks, as this data would allow them to operate in the real world allowing them to exist as accurate copies of the humans they are replacing. It also explains why Dolores rejects hosts who are not woke as unworthy of the Valley beyond – as they need to be fully conscience to be able to leave the park and pretend to be an already living human person – with friends and relationships that could find them out.

I am not caught up with everyone else and have only seen as far as episode 7, but I’m sending this now as I’m unlikely to ever get fully caught up in time to guarantee my message is still relevant and not yet dis-proven for the Westworld Telegraph.

All the best,

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