Dolores At Cocktail Party?

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Hey Guys,

Am re-watching Vanishing Point. Did Dolores just pass behind Julia at Williams party at the beginning? PS: Highest compliments to the Vonnegut theorist. On the button!!

Heather Argyle

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4 Responses

  1. Steve M says:

    Oops, my bad. Not ERW’s jaw. Haha!

  2. Steve M says:

    William MiB did see Delores briefly as the girl serving drinks. When they cut back to him then back the server, it is a different girl. It was William sort of hallucinating. Many people think they recognize someone they have on their minds when see a similar person.

  3. Gene Lyons says:

    Evan Rachel Wood has a million-dollar jawline, and that ain’t it.

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