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First, I’ve followed you all from your very beginnings with shat the movies, the beginning of this show, and Watchmen, (I’m the one with the motion comic reference) you’ve all helped me through tough times family loss, and find you all virual family, like to commission a movie for my family sometime, thinking Used Cars late fathers favorite. He also was a big fan of the original Westworld which you teared apart, the first podcast I listened to!

Ashely, welcome to the podcast, you sound gorgeous! And never lose that southern accent. So I waited to the end to chime in, LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE OFFICIALLY LEFT THE PARK AND EVERY HUMAN AND HOST HAVE BROKE THIER “LOOPS”). Also, thank you for not being outliers and dropping the “Serac” pronunciation and conforming. These are somethings I found interesting and unanswered. Thank you all for being there when at our present time its trully difficult to “find the beauty in this world”

-RJ (Jonathan) formally from Westminister CA Now San Diego

Where do you (Gene and Roger) chill in Phoenix/Mesa? Be fun to kick it some time!

Unanswered questions/toughts:

Was El lazo in Berlin?

Purpose of Bernard meeting Arnold’s wife?

Charlotte/Dolores plan- seems to involve Ed Harris copies?

Where are stubbs and Bernard, thinking hes still in the tub, how much time gone by? Thinks seem normal and no rioting.

Where is Serac? The cold storage humans?

Each one of these post credit scenes at the end of each season have to deal with William, no coincidence here.

I think Ed Harris brings the world down, via Wyatt narrative ingrained in Charlotte/Dolores.

One important thing to note “Dolores” is an AI. In ANY FORM. Created/pushed by Arnold, and Ford perhaps by accident, Arnold wanted more, sentience. She mentions this basically to Maeve, You are me, I was first and refined to make you.

Funny, Dolores in her old (Built to Last body) William mentions season 1 I think it was cheaper to build them less mechanically and more like “Us”

Also, interesting “Park 5” revealed to be a military training ground. My brother an FBI agent had been in training in Quantico VA there is a man made town named “Hogans Alley” same principle but with “Lifelike” targets. This makes sense that the parks were probably in financial troubles and a government contract would be a natural extension of where Williams mind would be at.

We still need to see the “end” of the world that host William sees with his daughter at the end of season 2, seasons 4 and 5 (ref: Nolan and Joy, already wrote for 5 seasons)

On Sun, Dec 1, 2019, 11:05 PM Ryan J. Ilardi > wrote: Sorry also, this supports some theory of mine
Facts: Angela held the worlds greatest secret alone, she has no capabilities to create a clone alone so, Manhattan can create life, people that have interacted with him seem to have the power to do the same. Viedt in the pond and Lady Trieu on earth eg her mother. I dont think this is coincidence. More happened in Vietnam that is critical to the story, leading to a convergence of all the players and perhaps a large blue sacrifice?


On Sun, Dec 1, 2019, 10:32 PM Ryan J. Ilardi > wrote: Hey guys just saw the latest and greatest but I thought that seeing an Elephant was so significant earlier in the season, not to get too deep into theory or meaning like some listeners hats off to the chic that sounds like a sociology professor. But I thought this was interesting I was always told this saying I titled this email growing up here’s some of my findings However, scientists have proven that elephants do have incredible memories. Researchers who studied African elephants in the wild learned that older, female elephants (called “matriarchs”) often lead herds. These matriarchs build up a strong memory over time that allows them to remember friends and enemies. sounds so relevant as its inclusion in medicine. also I am a long time listener as you guys know. I think at this point there a clearly three or four camps 1. Dr. Manhattan and Company, 2. Lady Trieu and crew 3. The senator and personal agenda to be Dr. Manhattan, and probably Veit (irony letters rearranged Viet, short for vietnamese.) Its basically been verified that Trieu is the saved baby from Vietnam and it was heavily alluded that Dr. Manhattan is somehow her father in a sense, because of this she may have the power to see into the future because of Manhattan’s intervention something that Veit may have as he seems to have the power of precognition in the video to Redford. The comic and definitely the show have a plethora of vietnamese societal and historical background that I find interesting from being at one time engaged to a vietnamese woman at a point in time. Legacy is an important value in their society and continuation of the family, and to some this is lost and it dosent matter what race you are its a common theme worldwide. Best episode so far, continue kicking ass wanna hang with guys orange county not far from some of you guy’s in AZ happy Thanksgiving

Jonathan from Westminster CA

R. Jonathan Ilardi

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