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Dear awesome Shat hosts (the boys + the queen),

I have not seen this addressed yet on any forum and I listen to an astonishingly stupid number of podcasts for a television show (though I don’t do the reddit stuff at all) – so apologies if I’ve missed it.

SETUP: Here’s the dialogue between Ford and old William in the bar where William retreats to during the fundraiser, the night Juliet kills herself.

William: “Delos stays out of your stories and you stay out of the valley.” <- statement of fact Ford: I didn’t break the agreement, your project did.” <- revelation William: “What the hell are you talking about?” <- confusion! He doesn’t know WTF is going on Ford: “When was the last time you took a good look at your creation? How well its been learning about its subjects? It was self knowledge that drew you to the park in the first place. Be careful what you wish for.” (Ford then passes the credit card-like thing that contains what drives Juliet to suicide.) “For a self portrait you may find it’s not very flattering.” (Cut to Juliet drunk breaking a glass. William sighs...) William (as he shoots back his drink) “Enough games Robert.Good night.” (William walks out of bar.) Ford turns and watches William escort drunk Juliet from the party. Ford: “No William. I think perhaps one final game.” Has ANYONE talked about the idea that William (human) has created a host/human of himself (MIB) to test in the real setting of the park to pass the fidelity test that Delos failed? They are two separate things. Human, philanthropist, titan of industry William versus guttural, base MIB, who is the culmination of the worst things in a human - not the best. Someone (I’m guessing the human Hale) is testing the human host in the park (hence the violation) and William didn’t know about it. The human/host is what killed Emily - not the human William. It explains why the system continues to test for fidelity (it’s in a friggin’ loop - hello) on the human host. I think William (human) has been tied up with shit at home and host/human MIB is his worst self come to life - violating the Delos agreement (which Hale would either ignore or violate to serve her higher purpose). BTW - no one anywhere ever (that I have heard in my absurd amount of podcasting time - just ask my beefcake - he is sick of hearing Westworld come out of my phone) has come to a conclusion of the effin’ book that Emily had in The Raj that seems to have “vanished” during her tiger attack me fall over the cliff into the river and end up in Westworld event... #JustSaying Miss you guys and hope you do another podcast before the next 2 years! Love, Moxie [text-blocks id="7437"]

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