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The best reveal of episode four was Logan’s family ownership of Westworld. If that’s a flashback to 30 years ago, then probably Logan’s company (and William’s too, since he’s married to Logan’s sister) owns a majority stake 30 years later. If William is the MiB, then this would explain why he’s a VIP guest. Nice twist if this is true: a majority owner of the company that owns Westworld is a player in the game – of course he’d get special treatment.

Now a theory:

Dead Redemption Dead Redemption

I’ve heard that an inspiration for the show was the video game Red Dead Redemption. In that game, there’s a zombie thread (Undead Nightmare). If we assume Arnol

d is somehow still involved, then maybe he created zombie hosts. Following that logic, since zombies are the undead, zombie hosts couldn’t be killed. I’m thinking that’s why the hooded hosts are unaffected by gun shots, both human and host. Bring on episode 5! –Pat

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