Dany’s Tipping Point

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Hello guys,

UK listener to the podcast, which I’ve enjoyed immensely.

I can’t help but think that the preferred route for Dany’s escalation to mass genocide ought to have been as follows:

Rhaegal is not killed off in the previous episode by a, frankly implausible, surprise shot from a scorpion mounted on Euron’s ship.

Rather, in Bells, Dany actually accedes to the surrender when the bells toll. She manages to quell her anger. However, at that moment (out of fear or otherwise) a stray marksman fires a scorpion shot. This kills Rhaegal.

At that moment, Dany’s anger cannot be contained. Some would argue, reasonably so. She has shown one last act of mercy and even this has been met by another severe betrayal. This is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. Upon seeing her child dragon fall to a bloody heap in the Red Keep, a red mist descends and Dany’s proceeds to torch the entire city.

Having become acquainted with her character, that intuitively feels like a more likely progression to the events at the end of Bells

But hey, it is what it is – and I still enjoyed the episode and your instant take! Keep up the good work for one more episode.

Best wishes
Gary Ali, The UK

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    On its face, this seems like a good progression. The issue I have is this scenario robs Daenerys of agency. She would be reacting to an immediate action rather than deciding on her own. It’s like when Brad Pitt has Kevin Spacey at gunpoint in “Seven.” If Kevin Spacey had a gun, too, or shot at Morgan Freeman, the whole scene changes in meaning.

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