Daenerys’s Tragedy. Brace Yourself For Tears.

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Hey Guys,

I am devastated to think that Dany will die with no redemption, with no clarity and no realization of where it went wrong for her. I was in deep thought for what I wanted for Dany and it was never the Iron Throne but it was for her to realize that what she truly wanted all her life was a family, a home, somewhere to belong and IT was not her dream but it was her brother Viserys. I was waiting and waiting for 8 seasons for her to learn his lesson, when she was happy with Drogo and pregnant she didn’t realize it, when she birthed dragons and was making a difference in Essos she didn’t realize it, when she finally did the impossible of conquering a barbaric race like the Dothraki she had real power to civilize them and to charter a new course for a whole continent by ending slavey, and bringing a new for dawn for the oppressed but she didn’t realize her true calling.

It goes back to what I think about Valyrians and Targs. Lot of fans have this fascination of this super race, they are like blood thirsty elves with dragons it is super cool. But if you think about what Valyrians did to Essos these are really really bad people, and the Doom was like their comeuppance for shedding so much innocent blood, yes they build great things but they did it to by destroying others. Targaryens flee this doom to settle in Dragonstone they had a century of peace before Aegon said enough of this we are of Valyrians we are conquerors so lets rule, so he creates IT and puts his family in power in Westeros. But what happened after was nothing good, we might have had a few good kings here and there but ultimately Targ family tore itself apart with Blackfyre rebellions and with Dance of the Dragons which destroyed what made them special. All it took was 300 years for this family dynasty to end and they had no one to blame but themselves. This is what I wanted Dany to realize that she is alone in this world because of her own family actions. Her pretty boy brother Rhaeghar ran off with another man’s betrothed and her father went full on senile mode triggering the war which ended them, no one stole the IT from her but her family lost the IT.

I wanted Dany to realize that the quest for power for power sakes was what caused Valyrians to implode. She was different she was ending slavery a practice made infamous by her own ancestors, she was meant to be the opposite of her family that was her journey that was her destiny. I know we are supposed to believe that she needed to be at Westeros to help with the White Walker war but did she really, no one credits her with the help, as Sansa so cruelly put ‘Arya killed the NK what did Dany do’, no one valued her sacrifices or her peoples sacrifices, no one even understood what it cost her let alone thank her. Was it really her destiny to fight in a war where nothing she did mattered to anyone except Jon. It was then she should have realized her mistake, it is like a bad relationship where you are forcing it to work despite being abused and beaten. I always felt the path back to Essos will be open to her, that she will finally realize it and go home but alas. So it breaks my heart to know that Dany will die alone in a foreign land where she was not valued, to never understand that she had a chance to be great but her false ambitions sealed her doom. Like her ancestors before her, she ended herself.

I will weep for Dany, no character has lost so much, gained so much back only to lose it all again. Why did GRRM think she deserved this ending, I know she is no Aragorn but did he have to turn her into Sauron.


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  1. JUSTIN P says:

    Loved your post, and I agree with you 100%. The moment she sailed for Westeros everything has been going wrong for her. She left a situation where she was arguably the unchallenged ruler of Essos (if she wanted to be), and was doing some real good in a place known for its barbarism.

    There was a moment where I thought she might just say “fuck it” and go back to Essos. She can be an ally of Jon (or not), but to be treated the way she has been treated both in the show, and by the writers, is a travesty. She has, hands down, been through the most and done the most objective ‘good.’ She has tried for years and years to restrain her worst impulses. She has gathered the best advisers, even from the ranks of her enemies, to give her advice and counsel.

    She’s still my favorite despite S8 E5, and I don’t really give a shit about the surviving conniving Starks (including Jon/Aegon).

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