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Hey guys,

Loved your deep dive this week. I know this is a late submission but still a thought I had worth sharing.

When rematching 804 I realized that Dany had to suffer the deaths of Jorah and Meisande for her to ever begin the journey of truly becoming the “mad queen.” For Dany, Jorah embodied the concept of mercifulness; he betrayed her, yet she forgave him (after exiling him…twice), and he remained one of her closest allies throughout her pursuit of the throne. Meisande was a peaceful person and loyal friend to Dany from the beginning. When she loses them, Dany also seems to be losing there characteristics in the way that she rules. When we talk about a “different kind of ruler,” aren’t we really just talking about someone who is merciful and peaceful?

But in this sort of feudal system, is mercifulness and peacefulness really the best way to rule? If you think about the feudal system, it was implemented as a way to keep people safe during the pillages and rampages of the Vikings and other “barbarians” in the Middle Ages. The lords gave common people lands (lands they acquired by ruling of the king) and required them to work the lands, and also collected taxes from the common people on the premise that the lords would keep knights and militiamen to keep them safe during attacks. When lands are being openly attacked and when war is inevitable, what really matters is that the people of the land are protected.

At one point during the show, Meisande stated Dany is not a monster, that she protects people from monsters. At the end of the day, the people that Dany seeks to abolish are those who would harm the common people. Without her and her armies, the north would be marching south with the night king at this point. At the end of the day, this is war. Cersei is a FAR greater monster than Dany ever was. If she has to roast a couple of hot headed civilians who refuse to take shelter after they are given fair warning of impending attack, well then that’s just because people die in war when they choose the losing side. “There’s got to be a better way,” is what all the characters have been chanting thus far, but frankly, Cersei is fucking smart and can out maneuver them when it comes to peaceful solutions. Cersei isn’t peaceful, and this isn’t going to end peacefully. Dany has to take her out, and she will do what she needs to do in order to do it.

Just my thoughts. Have a great week, guys!

Courtney K. from PA

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