Daenerys Is Not Evil

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Hi guys!

I love your podcast so much. It makes viewing shows like GOT and Westworld so much more enjoyable. I’ve never written in before, but just had to after seeing all the hate for this episode and for Daenerys in particular.

I think her story is tragic and my heart breaks for her. I do not think she is evil or has gone, “Mad Queen”. She has grown up her whole life with terrible people and circumstances knowing that her family’s home and legacy had been destroyed and taken from her. So many people have told her that her destiny is the Iron Throne and the people of Westeros will welcome her return. Then when she finally gets to Westeros, she isn’t embraced as she thought she would be. She loses allies and troops against the Lannisters. She falls in love and then loses one of her dragons, her children, against the white walkers. She leaves her true fight against Cersi and goes to fight in the north where no one is happy to have her. She then suffers more loss and defeat. Her Dothraki and Unsullied are depleted and her trusted advisor Jorah does protecting her. She is getting farther and farther away from her goal and keeps losing. Finally, her best friend is brutally killed in front of her and another one of her dragons. As a parent, if I saw two of my children murdered in front of my eyes, I too would go a little crazy with revenge. She is grief-stricken and is questioning everything about her future. She has lost the man she loves.

When she is sitting atop the walls of Kings Landing and staring at the Red Keep I am sure she is thinking about how Cersi will weasel her way out of this. Why should she trust the Lannister’s surrender? How can she be sure that Cersei won’t escape somehow? All of that rage and grief and disappointment boils up in her and she just snaps.

Yes, it is terrible that so many innocent people died and it breaks my heart that Dany did this. But I can absolutely see where her head and heart were and I have great empathy for her.

She is still one of my favorite characters on the show and I think her end will be a tragedy.

Thank you for all you do. I will miss the podcast until Westworld returns!

Angie from Michigan

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  1. Kenny p says:

    No you won’t, listen to Shat the movies. If you haven’t seen the movie, watch it before you listen and you’ll love it. Also, Deadwood I’m sure will be a worthy show to watch. Ashley Shlafley and I love talking shows on Twitter with shatontv fans. Find us through the Twitter!

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