Daenerys Doom Confirmed?

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I believe from the moment Dany headed to Westernos her plot line was sent into a terminal trajectory. Unfortunately for her it’s not her doing but a matter of the shows arc. We see her anxiety and frustration of all these groups of mostly strangers getting along with each other but staying away from her during the celebrations of last week’s episode. While she brings her power and ideology with her she’s still a stranger in a strange land. We’ve had the entire run to get to see her character develop but the most of the rest she’s still a cautious ally at best. This wouldn’t be a bad thing, if there weren’t only 2 episodes left.

The hints I’m getting is that no one holds any strong allegiance to her and are already plotting against her just a few weeks after making huge sacrifices to stop an apocalypse on a foreign land. They other characters have have up to 4 times as long to develop there bonds. I believe this on top of the rage she is going to inflict on King’s Landing over the death of her dragon and closest friend are the final straw for the writers to send her on an anger fueled trip into madness.

I wouldn’t be upset with this as it goes full circle with the Targaryn history, but it’s in clear conflict with the Dany we’ve been with since the beginning.

At this point there just isn’t time to coherently curve her plot into one that still feels natural, unless the writers can move as efficiently as a water bound scorpion arrow shooting flying dragons.

I think the biggest disservice to this series not being at least 9 seasons is not giving her better time to acclimate to the new territory and let the war lines get created in a way more fitting of the earlier seasons. This would give her more breathing room to earn respect and admiration among the people of Westernos and not potential pull a last minute villain turn. While at face value you would think she’d benefit most of the shows turn to a more action based series, it seems it’ll be her ultimate undoing in this final episodes.

Chase from Buffalo

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