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Hey Guys,

So….is the Cradle storage & backup?

Or is it a cloud system that hosts use for processing and syncing in real time?

We already know that the park-wide network (wireless) is down

We also know that a proximity based “mesh” network exists for hosts to communicate in a “near field” or Bluetooth kind of way

Given the facts in the last episode, it seems like the Cradle is self-contained…does not (normally) interact w the park’s other systems

What I think is going on is that Cradle is an environment in which backups of hosts exist in at least one state (the most recently saved data, if not also many more past states) and continue to run in a simulated world where they continue their loops in one of two kinds of ways:

Statically re-running their loops over and over again in reruns of historical data. This mode would be pointless…data that never changes doesn’t need simulation. This is obviously not happening.


Dynamically running loops at speeds unrestricted by the physics of human motion and cognition. Constantly evolving minute changes to behavior, learning how to navigate storylines in different ways. Hosts interacting with hosts has limited application to the park’s narrative evolution. But it does have application in developing real artificial intelligence. The iteration (read: series of near infinite mistakes) that led to biological life and human intelligence over 100s of millions years could happen far more rapidly inside a system like that.

But with the added data of the guest behavior that the park collects, the narrative and AI aspects of the hosts evolve together! If this is happening, it is no surprise that the hosts achieve consciousness. It is surprising that more of them DID NOT….as long as the belief (Ford’s) that consciousness is materialistic: it emerges inevitably from a sufficiently complex neural system (or as long as enough mistakes happen) is correct.

Well, we know why more of them did not achieve it: Ford sabotaged them in order to make the park succeed. Over time, as he neared the end of his life, Ford’s outlook changed. He came to believe the same thing Arnold did. And he repeated what Arnold did, but for different reasons…Arnold thought an incident (his death at the hands of a host) would prevent the park from opening, sparing the hosts from inevitable becoming sentient in the middle of an existence that would only ever have tragedy, pain, torture and trauma.

Ford knows that he has set things in motion for the hosts to become self-aware, and hopes that they do and take their revenge on humans, and replace humans as the dominant intelligent life on Earth. He has himself digitized and inserted into the Cradle so he can ensure that no interference can stop that from happening.

Great show!!

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Your description of the CR4DL is among the most accurate I’ve read. Kudos!

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