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Hey guys!

Westworld s3 premiered on the first anniversary of my wife of ten years suddenly passing. She was very much looking forward to that day and was actually the one that turned me on to the Shat Family. Needless to say it was a heavy week but I decided to drop in on you guys despite the catharsis because we almost enjoyed these podcasts as much as the show itself. And the first thing I hear was Big D misprouncing Rehoboam….and for the first time all week I actually laughed because his mispronounced words became how we said them, and I could hear her laugjing with me…so thank you

Ok enough with the hyperbole

What say you guys to the reason that Ford went to such great lengths getting Dolores and crew out into the world hell bent on mayhem being that there was/is something that occured between him and Serac? Perhaps a clash of philosophy regarding the direction and purpose of AI, perhaps some intellectual property theft, or perhaps to stop some insidious plot to ensnare humanity under it’s could be anything actually. ..that would explain why Dolores is so focused on Rehoboam as well as make Ford a much more sympathetic character, and not the madman that some paint him out to be.

Westworld showed it’s brilliance to me over the past year having lived thru incredible tragedy and having that pain define my life and the way I experience it…having made it to the center of that maze I am definitely more self aware than I ever would have been…truly a cornerstone…except I didn’t ever expect Big D to be a part of said cornerstone…who woulda thunk it?

Know that your collective efforts are making a wonderful difference for many of us.

Again Thank You


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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    Spiker thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I am so grateful to know that we were able to touch your life in some way. We appreciate your listening so much.

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