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Hi again guys!

About the remembering and misremembering thing. I think you have it all way backwards. Human memory is imperfect, the show has hammered it home in S1E8 Trace Decay when Felix tells Maeve:

“Your mind isn’t like ours,” Felix tells Maeve early on in the episode. “When we remember things, the details are hazy, imperfect. But you recall memories perfectly. You relive them.”

Innocuously misremembering stuff might actually be an indication of human memory. But remembering in MiB’s storyline right now is really interesting. There are two memorial discrepancies in MiB’s storyline. The discrepancies between the story MiB told Teddy and the memory flash he has. The second is between MiB and his daughter. I don’t know what to make of them. Mostly because I’m having some problems with it.

When was he replaced? Was he replaced when he met with Teddy?If he was replaced later why would Ford implant him with a different memory than the one he recorded from Teddy?

Stipulating that the account given to Teddy represent a memory, and not just a story, why implant him with a discrepancy? Or why would he, as a host, possess two memories?

Emily/Grace seems to confirm the first account as the most accurate memory, but the second bathtub ‘memory’ seems more authentic because the memorialization is internalized in a flashback? Could it just be a MiB’s re-imagination from his engagement in grief?

Or if we stay on MiB is a host theory train, a lot questions of how a ‘host version’ of a human can ‘remember’ pre-host memories. Tbh, Idk how. How were they even testing for fidelity Delos in this regard? What is the basis of comparison? How would they achieve anything close to Delos’ own matrix of memory? What is he remembering when he is shouting for Logan? On what basis? And finally, how can it be authentic to Delos if it is just MiB or the techs’ story and perceptions of Delos’ life and Delos’ memories? How twill it be for MiB? Can MiB even have an independent memory of Juliet’s death if his experience of her death predates him becoming a ‘host’? Might this account for the discrepancy? And if Felix is right about memory being different, might this be the distinction the show draws between humanity and machine?

Anyhow, what if MiB is Ford’s take on William’s ‘side project’ with a sweet touch of irony. The story he told Teddy, and we had to some degree confirmed by Emily/Grace, is actually a cornerstone Ford created for MiB to rework him to suits his agenda in the process of being awakened?

What do you guys think? I am just confusing myself here. So, where do you guys stand on this remembering Juliet’s death after MiB’s encounter with Emily/Grace and the discrepancies? Does it mean anything at all?

Best regards


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