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Hey Guys,

Immortality. Humans seek it without even recognising what it is. The Ghost Nation have demonstrated what it is, it is the sharing of your experience with others. The more pople you share your experience with the more people will remember you and you will become a part of their experience. But humans care too much about fidelity, we worry about how others will judge us, and so we concoct a fantasy.

Remember James Delos in the final episode? “My Son. He’s a cheeky wee cunt, but I’d do anything for him”. Well no he wouldn’t. But he deceives his own conscience.

So in conclusion, for humanity to progress, we need more people, with enough free-will to risk being considered crazy, in order that they can take the chances that may result in the mistakes that can break the loop.

When was the last time science discovered something by mistake?

And with that I bid you farewell.

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