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Hey Guys,

Watched WW on Tuesday night and just listened to the Deep Dive on my way to work this morning. I didn’t think this episode lived up to the first four in this season. I didn’t think it was a bad episode, it was just a little cheesy at times. Like when Sizemore was talking to Maeve while they were captured at the beginning of the episode and conveniently laid out all of the background info on Shogun World for us. And then when they get to town and see their doppelgangers, that was all kind of laughable. Oh and the very uncomfortable robot sex between Dolores and Teddy, what a snooze fest. This episode just felt a lot lighter than others, but I love Maeve so I did enjoy watching her maneuver around Shogun World.

I’ve gotta believe that Dolo is 100% following Ford’s new narrative for her. She doesn’t seem “woke” at all. Maeve seems capable of feeling love, empathy, compassion, etc. which we haven’t seen from Dolo in season 2. The only person she shows compassion/love towards is her father in episode 3 I think? when he’s malfunctioning. But, I think this is a part of her narrative. See your father fucked up, have him taken by QA, go on a quest to find him, blow up the Mesa, blah blah blah. I’m almost certain Ford is still behind all of her decision making and that getting the hosts out of the park and/or destroying WW is his master plan. I don’t think she loves Teddy at all, because I don’t think she’s capable of love. She *thinks* she loves Teddy and *thinks* she’s self-aware, but I still believe these are ideas being implanted into her “mind”. She’s a robot and she fucking acts like one. At this point, I don’t really give a shit about her or her end game. Until Ford comes back into play, then I’ll be invested again.

I am very excited to see the new Teddy, let’s call him Angry Ted. I love James Marsden and have always thought the role of Teddy was wasted on him. I never understood why he would take that role, unless he knew there would be big things coming for him in season 2. Would love if he got so pissed at Dolo that he takes her out and leads the revolution himself.

Now what I’m really writing this email for: Maeve’s decision making after she finds her “new voice”. You guys were questioning why she killed the ninja and the Shogun’s soldiers via mind control instead of just having them lay their weapons down or protect her. Here’s my thought process…. she first comes upon this power as they’re being attacked by ninjas. She’s probably scared shitless because her conventional commands aren’t working on them. She thinks there’s a chance she may die and starts racking her brain trying to figure out a way out of this choke-hold. I don’t know about you guys, but if I were being choked on the verge of death, my immediate thought/hope would be for the attacker to die. Don’t have to worry about him anymore, he’s dead, move on. Sure, if she were thinking clearly, she might would have devised a plan to have him calmly release her, put down his weapons, and wait for further instruction. But she wasn’t thinking clearly, she was being choked out by a ninja for God’s sake.

Ok, so she’s just realized she has this new power of mind control for hosts around her. We don’t see her demonstrate this power again until Akane slices the Shogun and his soldiers start attacking. Again, she’s scared and just wants safety for her and her crew. She has only used this power once, and therefore hasn’t fully thought through all of the different ways it could be used. It’s like when a guy has sex for the first time. They’re so excited and so overcome by this new feeling/sensation that they finish in like a minute. Rash decision, but you’re caught up in the moment and don’t know how to pace yourself yet. Then the more you have sex, the more clearly you can think, you can try out different things, you last longer, you guys know what I’m talking about. That’s the same kind of situation I see Maeve in right now. She’s got this brand new power and doesn’t quite know how she wants to use it, she’s just worried about her immediate safety at the moment. I think as time goes on and she gets more practice, we’ll see her use this power more strategically and not be so hasty. She’s also probably thinking ok, this is working now, but what if it doesn’t for some reason later on. Better to just kill these guys and move on than to take the chance of them no longer following my control and turning on me. Either way, I would’ve done the same thing and don’t think that this would classify her as an “evil” character. I don’t think she’s going to walk around having any host who comes in her way commit suicide for the rest of her existence. With power comes great responsibility, and it’s going to take her some time to figure out how to handle this power.

Alright that’s all I got for this week. Later!
Claire Austin from Charlotte, NC

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