Comment/Theory On Angela’s Husband

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One of these HAS TO be true:

1. Black Manta is too damn hot to sit on the sidelines. He’s gonna come to play a bigger role than the waffle-making atheist dad. I think he’s some sort of vigilante (maybe back in Vietnam, with the brief mention of “the accident”…). Or, to go super batshit on this theory: What if he is Dr. Manhattan, or at least has some connection to him. Clearly he makes Laurie a little tingly in her lady parts, so theres that connection, but also just the clear cut “Heaven isnt real. Uncle Judd died and is nowhere. Who wants waffles?” is very…. Manhattan-y.

2. alternatively, this could just be HBO being feminist AF. ‘What if we hired a super talented actor, gave him a shit ton of sex appeal, but then gave him no real purpose other than to be a doting partner for the main character?’ Its like every movie ever with a male lead, but reversed. I’m totally okay with this, but I demand nudity. Only seems fair…


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