Come On!! Cersei Is The Real Mad Queen.

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Hey Gene and Big D,

Long time listener, first time writer, blah blah blah, let’s cut to the chase. Cersei is the mad queen who deserved the anticlimactic death she received. I’m watching through the early seasons of the show again and I’m appalled at how often the Lannisters cheat, manipulate, and kill to maintain their grip on power. They’ve injured and killed countless innocent (how many innocent were in the Great Sept?), and they continuously play a game no one else can beat them at. Just take Ned Stark as an example, who stuck to his virtuous morals of “doing the right thing” until, in his last moments, he went against his character to try and play the manipulation game, giving the Lannister’s what they wanted by hearing him confess to treason, and he is still executed for it. We know the Lannister’s are shit, but Danny doesn’t, it isn’t until this season, when Cersei lies yet again to attempt to maintain control of the throne, that Danny does the only thing that could ever truly end their cruel reign, and that is to lay waste to their empire. I actually think it’s rather against character for Cersei to be so adamant about keeping the throne, what is the point?! She’s lost everything and everyone she’s cared about, her family and her children have always been the most important things to her, and it was a huge mistake for her to defy the long-rumored Queen of Dragons. I truly think the only reason for this desire to reign at all costs (despite her development as one who only cares about her children) is because she is mad, she’s lost it, and the only thing that can snap her back to the motherly character she’s always been is to ruin everything she sees as hers. I absolutely loved the final scene between her and Jaime in the crypt. Only in her last moments (“Not like this!”) is she snapped back to the woman who just wants her child to live. This sounds dual-personality to me, I think she’s crazy and I think Danny’s action to kill all is the only way to finally end the game the Lannister’s have played so well. With the final episode looming before us, I only hope the Starks finally get their shit together, remember everything that has been lost to them at the hands of tyrants and traitors, and finally pledge their undying loyalty to the one person strong enough to enact the vengeance they all (and we) so desired. I’ll be sorely disappointed if the Stark wussies try to kill Danny, or turn against her, the first Stark to admit that her strategy to destroy Kings Landing was the best way to defeat the Lannisters will get my undying love (even if it’s Bran). I agree with Big D, the show doesn’t give us what we want, but what we deserve, and I believe this cathartic end is the one we deserve. Long live the Queen, Daenerys Stormborn!!!

Beth B.
A-trash-cadero, California

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