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Hey Guys,

Let me start this by saying, i support you both. This is NOT hate mail. I appreciate your honesty and perspective.

Firstly- let us all remember that this is a GRRM based ending. And let us also realize that- he too has has a hard time wrapping this story up.

This whole Dany maddening did not happen over night. It’s tragedy causing unraveling of a traumatized character. And though i saw this coming for our dragon queen- i will be the first to say- it did not feel good at all.

Clegane bowl while entertaining, didn’t hit us in the gut because it was a fan service moment. That’s it.

Fans have to pick a side. Lately all i read is Either it’s boring and predictable or it’s not at all what they wanted so it sucks and disappointing. This show/ story always proves to us (best warned by Tyrion) that once we think we are safe- peace is on the horizon, that’s when we are set up to lose it all. It’s the gut wrenching bliss that is the GOT we all have grown to love.

BIG D!!! They didn’t not ruin Arya. Her goodbye to The Sand man was reminiscent of her leaving serio in season 1 even when she didn’t want to. Her scenes were beautiful. She’s still a badass , but she has more to live for. More to do. She wasn’t weak at all or helpless or regressed at all.

I know the Cersei death wasn’t as grand as people wanted but it was also beautiful. She has faced horrific tragedies- keeping a strong face despite burying all of her children. Never cracking- never showing a human side. Love it or hate it- she and Jaime have the most pure love in the show. I’m not mad at it.

Dany was ready for this fight- the dragons fire mirrored her rage. She stayed low- she stayed smart- and kept her eyes on the goal. Still, the bitch is crazy. Lol.

I could keep going- but- I’ll leave it to you guys. So much going on in this episode that i think was lost on people. Thanks for reaching. I look forward to hearing the full pod analysis.

If you haven’t – you must watch the behind the episode video for this.

Valor Morghulis!


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