Clegane Bowl and the Lannister Legacy

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Why would Cleganebowl happen other than forcing it for fan service? Gregor didn’t even react to Sandor’s shit talking. He’s a zombie who only reacts to Cersei’s commands and threats to her person. Unless The Hound goes after Cersei, why would The Mountain bother with a fight? A challenge to his (The Mountain’s) pride will only fall on deaf/zombie ears.

Regarding the Lannister legacy, shouldn’t Tyrion be making some moves to ensure the survival of his house, specifically a marriage alliance? He has to know that a Daenerys victory results in the total destruction of all Lannisters save Tyrion. So Tyrion must realize that this ends with him being Hand of the Queen, Warden of the West, Lord of Casterly Rock…and no wife or children. That’s a pretty impressive resume to help with negotiating an alliance with a great house. Might he end up with Sansa, or was their marriage annulled when she was sold to the Boltons?

Love the show, keep up the good work!

Rusty in Birmingham

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