Christina Braithwhite Is William And They Both Shop At Marshall Fields.

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Hey y’all,I’m listening to the podcast and I haven’t heard anyone bring up the fact that Christina and William are likely the same person. If anyone has, I haven’t heard compelling reasons to back up the theory. Well, guess who’s on PTO and has some extra time between my morning nap and my afternoon nap. Me. Here we go. In Episode 2, we meet William who mentions that he’s not the butler, just a close friend of Christina Braithwhite. Of course you are. But, then we notice is an ascot that, to me at least, is strange for the time and weather. Throughout the episode, we never see these two together despite being “close friends.” What we do see, however, are very similar outfits. Christina wears a nice blue top, pin strip pants with a masculine fit, and a beautiful black necklace that could easily hold a spell or be hidden by an odd ascot. Extremely similar to William’s blue and pin striped ensemble. Christina has aspirations for male privilege. What better way to have that than to switch between gender identities as you please? In episode three, we STILL do not see them together although we know from episode four previews that he is around and aware of what is happening. Put two and two together and get a spell that allows Christina some amazing control of every situation. I’m willing to perish on this hill. Thanks for the show!KJ

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