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Dear Hosts,

Thanks for reading my email last week,

You mentioned in the deep dive that Dolores tells Charlotte she is “a creature of power and beauty”

So, what host in Westworld can be defined in those exact words? First one that comes to my mind is of course Bernard. He is indeed a creature of power and beauty. But he already has his own body and it’s very unlikely that he is also in Charlotte. Peter Abernathy? Nope. That’s not how people talk to their fathers. At least not where I come from.

Teddy? Angela? Another Dolores!? No! There is a much better candidate that fits the description perfectly….

… A horse! Yes, Charlotte Hale is a horse!

Tell me, who can deny that a horse is a creature of power and beauty? Isn’t that exactly what a horse is?

And we know for sure that there are host horses in Westworld.

I hear you ask, “but which horse?” The one Dolores was riding, duh! Charlotte Hale is Dolores Abernathy’s horse. She even tells her that she belongs to her, come on!

(still pronounced “moo-hip”)

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5 Responses

  1. Greg sanders says:

    She’s not a horse. She’s the fly Dolores killed at the end of the first episode of season one.

    • Muhip says:

      Umm actually… Flies are not hosts, they are the real deal. Also they are neither powerful nor beautiful and Dolores did a very good job killing that little piece of sh*t.
      Sorry I got carried away by my species-ism against flies. Good throwback though!

  2. Muhip says:

    This was of course tongue-in-cheek but after episode 4 I’m thinking it would have at least brought some diversity to the team

  3. Ashley Schlafly says:

    If she’s a horse, I quit the show :).

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