Cersei’s Pregnancy Issue: a Prediction

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Hello Hosts, hope you are well.

OK, I’ll just get to it.

Cersei is pregnant, and it is likely that Dany became pregnant last Sunday on a boat. It can not be a coincidence they are both pregnant because the clock is ticking. How will these pregnancies impact the next season?

The impact is, and here is the prediction, the Dead can not hurt/touch pregnant women. (Kinda like how the Aliens won’t hurt a human impregnated with an alien.)

Recall back to the scheming between Cersei and her Maester during the time around Cersei’s pregnancy announcement. Maybe the Maester did his homework and learned this tidbit of info.

Recall back to Craster’s Keep. Maybe Craster, in his own dark, deranged thinking, keep his girls pregnant to keep them safe. (I know he sacrifices the boys, but Craster had to start somewhere with the King of the Dead.)

Dany and Cersei will have unique opportunities to fight against the Ice King and his buddies. Cersei will use this power selfishly, and Dany will use this power for a greater good.

OK, time to start my work day!

Ingrid – from Seattle

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