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Westworld’s co-founder Robert Ford implements a change in the hosts’ programming ostensibly as part of a new narrative for the park, but meant to encourage the park’s oldest operating host, Dolores, to find the proverbial “center of the maze”, which represents the ability to achieve sentience, Ford’s long-sought goal for the park. Other hosts are affected by this change, creating confusion among the park staff and guests, and leading the Delos board to doubt Ford’s ability to run the park. Dolores does ultimately gain sentience, and at a celebration within the park attended by Delos’s board members, Ford announces his new narrative: a revolt by the hosts against the human staff and park guests, which starts with Dolores killing Ford and slaughtering many of the panicked party guests.


Ep.01 “The Original“Ep.02 Chestnut“Ep.03 “The Stray“Ep.04 “Dissonance Theory“Ep.05 “Contrapasso“Ep.06 “The Adversary“Ep.07 “Trompe L’Oeil“Ep.08 “Trace Decay“Ep.09 “The Well-Tempered Clavier“Ep.10 “The Bicameral Mind“


Ep.01 “Journey into Night“Ep.02 “Reunion“Ep.03 “Virtù e Fortuna“Ep.04 “The Riddle of the Sphinx“Ep.05 “Akane no Mai“Ep.06 “Phase Space“Ep.07 “Les Écorchés“Ep.08 “Kiksuya”Ep.09 “Vanishing Point”Ep.10 “The Passenger”

Westworld Episode 8 Review: "Kiksuya" 1

Westworld Episode 8 Theories: “Kiksuya”

Westworld Episode 8 Theories: “Kiksuya” Episode 8 seemed pretty straightforward … until listener emails and voicemails arrived. We missed a lot, and “Westworld” fans were there to set the record...

Westworld Episode 8 Review: "Kiksuya" 3

Westworld Episode 8 Review: “Kiksuya”

Westworld Episode 8 Review: “Kiksuya” “Kiksuya” ranks among the easiest Westworld episodes to follow and the most emotionally powerful. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t without mysteries to unpack. How...

Westworld Episode 8 Instant Take: "Kiksuya" 14

Westworld Episode 8 Instant Take: “Kiksuya”

Westworld Episode 8 Instant Take: “Kiksuya”  “Kiksuya” delighted “Westworld” fans who wanted the story a little slower, a little clearer, and with a little more heart. But it wasn’t...

Westworld Episode 7 Review: "Les Ecorches" 8

Westworld Episode 7 Review: “Les Ecorches”

Westworld Episode 7 Review: “Les Ecorches” Westworld Season 2 Episode 7 pulled the curtain from the Valley Beyond, so let’s venture there and explore its implications. We’ll tell you where...