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MIB is actually a grown-up Logan

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Hey guys, love your podcast. I, too, have subscribed to the William is the MIB since early in the show. However, episode 9 changed my mind completely. I now believe, with almost near certainty, that the MIB is actually a grown up Logan. It seems very clear to me now and I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. Here are my reasons:

The MIB is clearly a man with considerable means and power. This would have been a full 180 from William (who has had to work hard for his position and is of a more gentle nature). However, this is right in line with Logan. If you think about it, if Logan grew up, became slightly more serious and mature but his innate nature stayed the same you have the MIB. Heck, he even looks more similar to the MIB than William does (the only thing I cannot reconcile is the brown to blue eye issue). Also, Logan was always wanting to go out into the far corners of the park. He didn’t want anything to do with the vanilla story lines. He wanted to dive deep…..which is exactly like the MIB.

The MIB tells how shocked he was when he saw Maeve show signs of true emotion and humanity….if this were a grown up William, why would he be shocked at this? He’s already seen and believed in the “real” emotions and humanity of Delores.

When Delores, supposedly present day, is in the church in Escalante, she hears someone at the door and she says, hopefully, “William?” yet is obviously terrified when she sees it is the MIB. This not only shows that she is scared of him like she would be scared of Logan, but it also shows the MIB has NOT been coming to the park living a second life with Delores all these years, otherwise why would she be scared of him? She would, however, have a visceral fear of the MIB/Logan.

So here is my theory: William obviously goes a little nuts in this episode, but I believe he still loves Delores,…maybe now more crazily than ever. Logan blames this entirely on Delores. There is going to be some big showdown and I predict that Logan will be the only one coming out alive. Delores will be killed on the beach where she “saw” herself dead in the water, however, she will of course be brought back to life to resume her sweet little loop once again. William will be killed at the Abernathy ranch. I think he will try and get back to Delores after she has been reset from being killed on the beach, Logan will try to stop him and William will end up dead. Not before the pic of Juliet that Logan carries around is dropped in the dust to be uncovered years later by Delores’ father. Which brings us to the current timeline.

…Not to mention, on Reddit there is talk that Jimmi Simpson does NOT have a renewed contract for season 2 but Ben Barnes does.

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Thanks again, guys! Great podcast for a great show. Can’t wait for next Sunday!


Can Maeve kill humans?

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What’s up fellas,

I picked up on something that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere. When we see Maeve cut Sylvester’s throat in episode 7, we take this as and indication that she can now kill humans. HOWEVER, she then tells Felix to save Sylvester because they “might need him.” Was this her good Samaritan reflex kicking in? We’ve seen hosts appear as if they’re going to kill a human, only to be stopped short. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ford (or Bernarnold) implemented something in the hosts after Deloris killed Arnold to ensure that it was officially impossible for a host to let a human die. Probably overthinking the scene, but that’s what this is for.

Thanks guys,
Jimbo Slice

Dr. Ford’s last chance

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Good morning!

In the “final” meeting between Ford & Bernard, we are led to believe that Ford is giving Bernard one more chance. Presumably this interaction has taken place many times before, at least according to Ford it has, and we see evidence of this as the background changes. But what if it’s actually Bernard giving Ford one last chance?

Maeve advises Bernard to seek the “whole” truth. He goes searching in Ford’s office, and it would be reasonable to think he looked through the computer systems (old and new). Our experience with Maeve has shown us there is a wealth of knowledge there for those who have access & can fill in the gaps. It does seem Bernard needs Ford for the missing pieces, & perhaps to confirm his suspicions. But if Ford really did give him access to all his memories, then the code’s back door would not be a surprise, since Ford tells us that Bernard created it.

Ford is beyond arrogant. He seems to think he is all knowing and all powerful, but he does show us that he is surprised from time to time. He is so arrogant that he thinks he can create a friend under his total control, a complete misunderstanding of friendship. He is so arrogant that he doesn’t even watch Bernard kill himself because he can see no other possible outcome than the one he planned.

I’m hoping Bernard knew about the code’s back door, but his feelings of friendship & loyalty toward Ford forced him to give Ford one more chance. It seems we have several loops that have been replaying over the last several decades that are now coming to a head (e.g., Bernard, Dolores). They’ve been spiraling upward, and have now peaked. Ford’s own pride will likely be what takes him down.

Of course maybe it’s exactly what’s presented to us: Ford is a god & any evidence contrary to his omniscience should be ignored. Or maybe we see Ford’s plan revealed and then get to watch it crumble.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for all the hard work y’all put into the show!!

Why fire for Maeve?

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Why Fire for Maeve: I’m listening to the Big Episode for Trace Decay and you already called it at minute 58: Maeve needs to wreck her body to the point that a total rebuild is required allowing our main butcher FELIX to replace the explosive C6 vertebrae and remove any internal tracking devices.

From there, I don’t believe Maeve or Hector leave and I don’t believe they’re sent back into their loops either. I think management deems the repairs too costly to fix, thus enabling Maeve and Hector to operate from the shadows in season 2.

Ford’s ultimate motives: He views the human mind as a disease (Ep 9) and mankind as evolutionally stunted (Ep 1). Ultimately sees the Hosts as the next evolutionary stage of mankind but realizes that in their current state, the Hosts would be eradicated if anyone discovered their sentience. One of you mentioned a quote about how we shouldn’t fear AI passing the Turing Test, but rather, we should fear AI purposely failing the Turing Test. Ford acts as the protective barrier that will keep the Hosts safe from the outside world.

The Hosts will be ready to leave when they can defeat Ford and take over the park without humanity taking notice.