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Tom Hardy’s thrilling TV series with weekly Instacasts and follow-up analysis of each episode. Following on the heels of their hit “Westworld” podcast, the Shat on TV team works with the audience to explain every twist and turn through interactive episodes and well-researched insights.

Zilpha Geary isn’t dead. She’s Taboo’s most important character

Zilpha Geary’s suicide scene pissed off a lot of “Taboo” fans. We witnessed her grow over six episodes, cheered when she pushed a needle through Thorne’s heart and gasped when James finally rejected her love. And then the show’s writers threw her off a bridge.

Oona Chaplin didn’t have a Zilpha Gearyclose-up to explore the pain on Zilpha’s face before she leapt. No flashback surfaced to illustrate better times between James and Zilpha. The woman we thought would be key to James Keziah Delaney’s heart wound up being a footnote in the show’s history.

But what if we were wrong? What if Zilpha Geary is Taboo’s most important character?

Think about it: Who else shows us so much turmoil on screen? Who else can crush James or elate him? Who else kills with such glee and transforms with a taste of blood? And who else has fans hungry for more?

Zilpha isn’t gone, not by a long shot. She could have faked her death. She could have been abducted. She could have attempted to leave a secret message in her suicide note. Or, even if Zilpha is dead, she could delightfully spook us forever as a ghost in James’ head.

Why would Taboo waste time on Zilpha Geary?

Taboo’s first season weaved mystery, horror, action and romance in just eight short episodes. That left no time for filler episodes or self-indulgence. Every minute had to be important, and Zilpha devoured a lot of those minutes. Continue reading Zilpha Geary isn’t dead. She’s Taboo’s most important character

Taboo FX Episode 8 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 8 Theories

While the “Taboo” finale was mostly well received by the Twitter audience, it also triggered strong feelings from citizens of Shat Nation: anger over Zilpha’s death, frustration over plot holes, curiosity about James Delaney’s mental state, and hope for a “Taboo” season 2 and beyond.

Roger, Gene & Big D attempt to answer:

  • Why did the kill off the most interesting character (Zilpha)?
  • Did the character of James Delaney ever truly learn anything?
  • Was this show ever truly about mysticism?
  • Will the League of the Damned traverse across America “Oregon Trail-Style” in Season 2?

The final River Rants of the Taboo FX season is here! Plus, it’s a bonus edition with 13 action-and-expletive-packed letters to savor. So strap on your life jacket & hop aboard the Shat Sailboat as we take one final trip down the river and off to sea.

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Taboo FX Episode 8 Review

Taboo FX Episode 8 Review

The “Taboo” finale thrilled us with swashbuckling fun, explosive performances and the answers to many key questions. But it also left us wondering if the show could be streamlined and whether certain plot points made any sense.

Who deserved to live? Who should have died? What’s the plan now, and will there be a Taboo Season 2? Slap on your top hat and swim trunks, and let’s take one last Deep Dive together. Continue reading Taboo FX Episode 8 Review

Taboo FX Episode 7 Theories

Taboo FX Episode 7 Theories

Will James Keziah Delaney die in the “Taboo” season finale? Will the League of The Damned escape to America? Is Sir Stuart Strange secretly an ally?
With “Taboo” Season One’s final episode just days away, viewers write in with their final theories, reflections and hopes. We also get a Southern woman’s view of James’ sex appeal, Gene’s view of Taboo’s shortcomings and Roger’s triumphant return to the podcast.

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Taboo FX Episode 7 Review

Taboo FX Episode 7 Review

Is James Delaney preparing to die? “Taboo” Episode 7 answered a lot of lingering questions but left Tom Hardy in the greatest danger we’ve seen in this FX thriller. With one episode to go, let’s review all the pieces in motion, the characters in peril and the mysteries solved.
This edition of “Taboo FX” explores Chichester working with James, Brace’s confession in poisoning Horace, James’ coldness toward Zilpha, Lorna Bow playing a bigger role and the evolving nature of James’ visions.

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