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Bran is the Night King

two theories. both tin foil

Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion are siblings

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” its cliche yes but I believe it has a lot to do with GoT. We’ve heard the story of Aegon Targaryen, how he and his sisters Rhaenys and Visenya rode the backs of dragons to take the Seven Kingdoms and rule Westeros. I am completely hung up on the theory that Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion are all siblings, and all three are Aegon and his crew re-incarnated. We know Snow for sure is half Targaryen, and we have had enough clues dropped that Tyrion was most likely not a Lannister (maybe mom lannister was freaked by her incestuous twins from birth?). If all things being Ying-Yang balanced in GoT, then it would be fitting that the uprising of Westeros was done by a man and his two sisters, and then generations later, the rebirth of that nation is done by a woman and her two brothers. What would be the point of telling us flat out who Jon’s mother and father were if it didn’t play a bigger role in the bigger picture? It would fit best if, at the end, if Westeros survives the long winter, Daenerys is Queen, Tyrion is Hand, and Jon would be Head of the Knights Guard. (maybe?). Thoughts?

Bran is the Night King

Before you instantly poopoo the idea, ill just submit my points of why I don’t toss this into the completely insane category. There is something that has bothered me a lot since last season, and that is when Bran goes back with the Three-Eyed Raven and sees his father at the Tower of Joy. When he first sees this scene he calls out to his father, to which his father stops dead in his tracks and turns around to see what that noise was. Suddenly the Three-Eyed Raven tears Bran out of the vision and gives him the whole speech about not getting lost in history. THEN when Bran goes BACK warging out (by himself this time) to see what his father was climbing towards, while he did not make a sound this time his father still turns around. Im going to go full on “Lost” right now, but, try and stay with me? If we go back to Lost and lil’ol’ Daniel’s theory, that even if you, from the future, travel back into the past, and change something, that doesn’t mean that you’ve changed the future, it means that in the past, that something had always happened, thereby keeping us on the paradoxical loop of the past created the future because the future created the past bullshit. I know, I know, get over Lost already. I know. BUT….but but but…if Ned Stark turned around while climbing the steps to the Tower of Joy, then that means Bran always was destined to travel back to that time, and call his name. That incident happened in the past, Bran was just experiencing it for the first time in his “present” day while looking at his fathers “past”, which was actually at the time his father’s “present” day. (im trying not to confuse myself) CASE IN POINT: if bran has the ability to go into the past and do something, and that something then effectively happens in the “past”, then couldn’t it be that Bran, who now is at Castle Black, tries to Warg into the past to somehow kill the Night King or stop the Night King or do SOMETHING, then maybe he ends up BECOMING the Night King, in the past, which would be Bran’s present, but also the past (shall we continue with the Sayid kills little ben from lost scenario?) Again I know it is crazy, but this show does not do anything without purpose, for christ sakes they put Gendry on a boat 6 seasons ago and NOW hes going to somehow (possibly) be fighting with what you’ve dubbed the fellowship against the White Walkers? If they threw in a scene about Bran fucking with history for NO reason then thats a big gaff on their part. Otherwise, that scene was showing us that Bran, while messing around warging out throughout time, could have started the chain of events that lead us to where we are now. And if you want to go really off the deep end, maybe the Night King not killing Jon Snow when they had their first encounter was because ITS HIS BROTHER (ish more like cousin but let is slide) so the Night King’s whole “come at me bro” stance on the shore was Bran talking to his brother Jon. AND maybe the Night King isnt so much chasing after Bran because hes a White Walker and wants to just turn everyone into a zombie, but really hes trying to kill him or get him killed so he CANT get to that point in the “future/present” and become the Night King. And even FURTHER point to add is if you three are correct and Bran crossing over the wall is the key to the wall’s destruction, HES THE KEY BECAUSE HE IS THE NIGHT KING therefore when “bran” crosses over the wall SO DOES THE NIGHT KING. (one in the same kind of thing). AND Bran loved Nan’s stories, THE SCARY ONES, specially about the long night, which Bran would have CREATED THE LONG NIGHT IF HE WAS ALWAYS THE NIGHT KING. look i know people will hate this and be all omg no time traveling what a troupe to put in what a terrible thing blah blah haters are going to hate. I wouldn’t mind this. It would set up an interesting battle for Jon, if he does go looking to kill the Night King, and that turns out to be his crippled brother, then we’re going to see Jon have to decide loyalty to his family or saving the kingdoms which sounds like an easily made choice…but jon is jon, so clearly there would be some internal struggle there.

ah it feels so good to go full tin-foil once again. sorry if this email makes everyone’s brains hurt and gets you all angry. and sorry if i just tarnished any respect anyone has for me or my theories.


Wun Wun is not a wight

Hey again, guys!

First, I’d like to apologize. I said I had to correct you, and now I need to correct myself because I didn’t do it properly. There have been, in fact, six cold opens to date, not four as I said on the email earlier this week. They are:

  1. Pilot episode, with the Night’s Watch rangers going beyond the Wall to find that the White Walkers had returned.
  2. Season 3 premiere, with Samwell Tarly running to the Fist of the First Men (and sbsequently launching the Old Bear into the “you had one job” meme).
  3. Season 4 premiere, with Tywin Lannister melting down Ice, Ned’s greatsword, to reforge it into Widow’s Wail and Oathkeeper.
  4. Season 5 premiere, with the Cersei visiting Maggy the Frog to find out about her future
  5. Season 6 episode 7, when we find out that the Hound is still alive.
  6. Season 7 premiere, with Arya mass murdering the Freys while the entire planet cheered. (I highlighted the ones I’d left out on my first email.)

I want to apologize again for the mistake, and also for seeming too much “hm, actually”! I got carried away by the moment with the new episode (both the show and the podcast), and just felt like writing right away. I’ll try to make more sense on the upcoming weeks.

Now, to comment on what you guys said on the Deep Dive.

Wun Wun is not a wight

I strongly believe none of the giants there were Wun Wun. Jon Snow was at Winterfell when Wun died, I’m sure he would’ve ordered the bodies to be burned just in case, even they being south of the Wall. Plus, Wun Wun was shot on his right eye, and the eye that is missing on the giant whom the camera closes up on is the left eye. I also didn’t see any grass, only frozen ground, so I cannot agree that it’s a future vision, or that it’s south of the Wall… I did see, however, that the giant on the left of the camera has a giant bow! And we’ve seen that the range of those things is pretty high…

Jon is right

Regarding the sibling argument we see in the great hall of Winterfell, I’m sided with Jon on this one. Sansa wants to do with the Umbers and Karstarks the same thing that was done with her because of Ned’s trangressions. I don’t know if she is doing that deliberatly or if it was a lapse of memory due to all the damage the Boltons (whom Umbers and Karstarks allied with) inflicted upon her. That being said, Jon was a dick when he refused to see that listening to her would be a smart thing to do (listening doesn’t mean acquiescing every time). What we can take of the scene is basically: they should have “small council” meetings before discussing these things in front of everyone.

The Hound feels remorse

About the Hound, you mentioned that he’s starting to feel remorse, and it makes perfect sense, given where he starts the story and where he’s at now; that not necessairly has to do with his finding of religion. And he totally saw the season 7 trailer on the flames =) And Cleganebowl-speculations aside, I just don’t see what the Mountain would be doing at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea (Cersei wouldn’t send him there, and she most definetly wouldn’t go there herself).

How to kill a White Walker

To clarify the methods of killing army of the dead associates: wights are only killed for real by fire (as seen on Season 1, when Jon kills the wights at the Wall, and the very same Season 3 cold open when the Lord Commander sets fire to the wight that’s crawling towards Sam); White Walkers are killed by dragonglass and valyrian steel, as we know, but unnafected by fire (remember the Hodor episode, the Night’s King just stepped through the flames, creating a path for the wights to infiltrate the Three Eyed Raven’s hideout). Speaking of which, yeah, I do believe that, once again, Bran will cause the downfall of a lot of people he cares about (I wonder if the Night’s King see him the same way Laura sees Shadow Moon).

Global warming

I hadn’t heard the theory that the whole point of GoT/ASoIaF was a warning about global warming. Interesting point, and if that’s really the case, kudos to George RR Martin for thingking about it way back in 1991, when he first started writing the novels; I haven’t looked into it, but I assume there wasn’t as much information about the subject as we have today.

To finish, let me just say you are on point with the “Cersei dooming everybody after making an alliance” plot. Rumor has it that this is exactly what she’ll do at the end of the season: send everyone to fight teh White Walkers and hope that everyone dies and she sticks to the Iron Throne.


Thiago W.

What is Euron’s gift to Cersei?

Hey guys,

My name is Jack and I am a huge fan of your podcasts. I started listening to your Westworld cast around episode 2 and have been tuning in ever since. After season one of Westworld, I began listening to Shat The Movies and even watched a couple films I had never seen previously just so I could listen to the review (for example, I was not even alive when Raising Arizona was released). Like many of your fans, I was glad to hear that you all would be covering GoT and I completely understand why Shat The Movies will need to be put on hold while season 7 airs. I’m looking forward to more podcasts and to hear your predictions about the fate of Westeros.

As for episode one, I thought the slow pace fit well because it really set the stage for the remaining episodes. There will be enough fights to come, so I didn’t really mind the relatively tame content of this season’s premiere (save Arya’s massacre). I was, however, happy to see Euron come face to face with Cersei as this alliance starts to take shape. It makes sense that Euron seeks a queen while Cersei seeks a naval fleet capable of throttling her enemies. My question for you all is what gift will Euron bring back to Cersei as a showing of his loyalty? My guess is the head of either Olenna or Ellaria but perhaps I’m wrong. Right now the Lannister’s are surrounded by enemies, but only two of them could possibly be defeated with the Greyjoy forces alone: the Tyrells and the Dornish army. The Starks are too far north and not worth the journey right now, whereas Dany’s army is too massive for Euron to tackle alone. To me, Euron seems untrustworthy but pragmatic and will want to stack the odds in his favor. If he can kill the Sand Snakes or Tyrells at sea, it will win him favor and credibility with Cersei for the wars to come. Would love to hear your take on Euron and this new alliance with Queeny.