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Is Shadow Moon secretly Khonsu?

I discovered you guys with Westworld. You were my favorite Westworld podcast. This is my first time writing in.

Point to note: I haven’t read the book and I have been trying not to be spoiled by book knowledge. So I have no idea if my theory is correct. If any of your hosts have read the book, please don’t confirm or deny. I just want to put this out there and see what other show only watchers think.

In the scene where “I love Lucy” talks to Shadow, she says that she’s impressed with how he handled Technical Boy. Said it was straightforward and effective and that Tech Boy underestimated him.

This leads me to believe that Shadow destroyed the goons himself without knowing it. I’m getting a growing feeling that Shadow Moon is himself a god but doesn’t know it.

So I did some research and found out about an Egyptian Moon God called Khonsu. There’s even a part of Khonsu’s mythology that involves playing a game of checkers against another Egyptian god.

Also, I vaguely remember Wednesday talking to Shadow about being forgotten and said, “Noone will forget you”. Seems like the gods know more about Shadow than he does. If gods are clamoring for him, he must be something more than just a man.

Yours is one of the few podcasts about this show that doesn’t leak book spoilers. Please keep that up. It’s been really annoying having to rip my headphones off because of spoilers in other podcasts.


Jeff and the W. Axel Foley mixup

Hey Guys,

So I think a funny mix up occurred. You read my “two part” email on your last confessional. I was psyched to hear my name on the air again, but then got confused when you read my part two, as I had no memory of writing it. My first concern was that I blacked out and started drunk emailing all my favorite podcasts.

Things got even weirder when I found myself agreeing with the content of the part two. I immediately rushed to my “sent mail” folder to find out how many other emails I had sent late at night. Fortunately there was nothing there and no record that I ever sent the part two.

Here is what I think happened. I think the part two you attached to me was actually from W Axel Foley. His first email was pretty negative and the part two fits with what he said.

I’m pretty sure that’s what happened so if you can confirm or deny that would be great. I am super curious. If I did in fact write the email please reply to it, cause it might be time for some serious self reflection.

Lastly, I appreciated the feedback you gave on my part one and I think the mix up made for good radio.

Looking forward to your next episode.

Jeff H

Coming to America scenes confuse me

Hey guys,
I wanted to reach out after episode 3. I have read the book and almost feel like the book is saving me here. As I watched last night’s episode I feel as though if I didn’t already know some of these characters I might have been out by the end. I say this because I know in the last confessional pod you guys had some emails talked about being on the edge. I wonder if this episode tipped them over to stop watching. I think one America God (coming to America) story an episode should be enough. I felt the second story dragged even thought it is a story from the book and was just another reason to show animated dicks again. All in all my wife lost intrest pretty quick in this episode and I felt the second story caused it really to faulter. Finally I have to comment on the scene where they rob the bank. It’s one of my favorite parts in the book and I think there should have been a conversation with Mr. Wednesday and the cop first, I mean let’s face it the more Wednesday the better. Thanks for all you guys do
Joe from Rhode Island

P.S. Shadows wife saying puppy really annoys me too.