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Um, Actually…..

Season 7, Episode 4

  • There is another somewhat famous valyrian blade in the books: a valyrian arakh (the dothraki half-sword half-scythe), wielded by a sellsword captain called Caggo Corpsekiller, who was last seen in A Dance with Dragons in Meerenn during its siege. IF the show decide to make it appear, I’d bet it would be with Daario Naharis, should he go to Westeros somehow.
    Thiago Waldhelm
  • The little “E” at the end of your podcast means you can use profanity. You didn’t have to bleep out “dick”.
    Nick B
  • I don’t want to take anything away from Battle of the Bastards, and in fact I agree that it is one of the better battles of the series. However, I think the “force field” that prevents major characters from being hurt or killed in movies like Rambo, etc, was, in my opinion, nowhere else more present than in the BotB. If I remember more arrows were shot and landed in close proximity to Jon in that battle than all the arrows shot combined in the Burninator.
    – Greg
  • Jamie’s conversation about being spread too thin would lead us to believe only part of the train was destroyed, which would leave true rest of it as easy pickings. Olenna is pronounced OH LEN AH God’s woods is The God’s Wood There was one more in the latest but I can’t remember now. It’ll come to me 😉 Just discovered your podcast. Love it. Except for mispronounciations, it’s Perry but as a book lover it’s really distracting.
    –  Stephanie
  • Listening to Gene right now complaining about people who pick apart the minutia and physics of dragons flying… wasn’t he the one up in arms about how Bronn couldn’t possible operate the crossbow by himself? I call hypocrite. He picks apart the minutia all the time!!
    – Tom (NYC)
  • Worst TV coverage podcast. Fuck Big D.
    – Jared Lorance
  • Your theme music sounds just like “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. Was this on purpose? Love the show!
    – Noel
  • Ok not so much an umm actually but a question?? Is it “the night’s king” or “the night king”???
    – Luke
  • Game of Thrones takes place in WESTEROS not WESTWORLD. Forgive me, I haven’t quite figured out whose voice belongs to whom yet, but one of you guys keeps calling Westeros Westworld and it’s driving me nuts!!!!!
    – Sarah
  • Was just listening to the episode 4 deep dive pod. You guys said Hodor and Sam were the only pure characters. Princess Shireen??
  • #UmActually Stannis told Sam about the cave. The dragon glass cave was common knowledge. It’s easy to assume no one explored it.
  • #umactually the message from Lysa to Cat came by rider, not a raven. #justsayin

Battle of the Bastards or the Red Wedding?

I heard a lot of Whining about a great episode.

First this is easily a TOP 3 episode if not #1. I agree other episodes like Battle of the Bastards or the Red Wedding are near the top but those were great SCENES in other episodes. in “Spoils of War” EVERY SCENE was Great which vaults this episode Near the TOP.

I disagree on the comparison of the battle scenes in BotB and SOW. I think they were at minimum equally impressive. For gosh sake they set a record on FIRES and Burning Stuntmen in the episode.

Lastly, I think your assessment of the SCORPION and technology overall was poor. We have scene several other movies for stories use a crossbow weapon for dragons (Hobbit, Reign of Fire, ETC). Is it a high percentage weapon, probably not but it is believable. I would be more critical of the fact that Drogon basically burned every wagon including everything around the scorpion but somehow it Survived!!! Also agree it would be difficult for 1 man to control.

Lastly, I think there is an explanation on Dany’s actions on Drogon’s flight patterns. She flies him with the attitude and opinion that he is invincible and unstoppable. Never a thought that a arrow or spear would be a threat so dive-bombing the scorpion is believable. If she does it again later in the season after this then i will criticize. Also the Scorpion is built on a swivel so if she flies in low, high, left , right… wouldn’t matter because it can move around.

One last mention. When Bronn shot the Dothraki soldier with the arrow I assumed it would have been more damaging from a close angle. believing it would pass completely through him but if you notice he fires it before the cross bow is fully deployed so not at its full strength.

Thanks, Love the show.

C Sather
New Orleans

Dying is the best thing that happened to Laura Moon

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“Love always has you at a disadvantage.”
“Death has me at a disadvantage.”

And I was smitten!

I gotta admit, guys, the first 45 minutes of this episode, I thought, “Oh god—Is Laura friggin’ Moon a main character now? With an entire episode being devoted to her, she probably has more overall screen time now than anyone other than Shadow. I don’t know how I feel about this.”

But then a miraculous thing happened. Laura grew a personality. And she only needed to die to do it! Dead Laura was a thousand times more personable and hilarious than alive-but-dead-inside Laura.

From the tete-a-tete with Audrey in the house where Audrey went from being terrified to being pissed, all while helping Laura sew her damn arm back on (“Thoughtful of you to make us a scrapbook.” “Fuck you, Laura.”), to the witty banter in the car (“Well, you had a shitty obituary because you had a shitty life. You were shitty.”), I was suddenly totally on-board with the Laura-Audrey buddy comedy. Who knew that actually giving the two some good writing would make each of them better characters and better actors?

Also, what’s up with Laura’s newfound superpowers? Is it standard for zombies to have cartoonishly-overpowered strength against anthropomorphic tech beings? What’s happening there? Does she have the strength of the dead behind her?

Also, Anubis and his minion didn’t seem out-of-water patching up Laura and making her look alive. Looks like they’ve done this before. How many Zombie people on a mission are running around the American Gods universe?

Keep up the good work, guys. Been listening since Westworld and Taboo. You folks do a fine job.

Shain in Kansas City

American Gods source material

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Gotta call a time out for a sec. The way you guys nitpicked this episode had me somewhat confused and (based on my “know the source material” bias) a little angry.


If you don’t know the source material, at least know the source. I had never read any of Gaiman’s material before AG was announced but I had heard enough about his most popular work (Sandman), to know his material is not “easy reading”. This prompted me to listen to the audio book before the AG debut to at least know what I was in for. Because I did that, I am enjoying the show so much more. I loved the focus on Laura this episode and I think the fact that many people didn’t like her by the end of the episode was the whole point. In the book, she describes what it was like right before she died and she is very honest and apathetic. She even describes the fellatio to Shadow but her attitude is very “it doesn’t matter now”. The conversation between Shadow and Laura in the beginning of the show is the only pre-death conversation with Laura we get in the book so again, I like where they went with this episode.


I thought about the zombie walk thru the suburbs as well. Why didn’t anyone else see? Answer, Wednesday. Whenever you see the ravens hanging around you can bet Mr. W has something to do with it. It DOES NOT say this in the book but i’m putting my money on the thought that Wednesday set all of this up. Shadow in jail, Laura’s death, everything. He IS a con man lest we forget.


Don’t forget the fact that Gaiman wrote this in the 90’s. Some of the happenings in the book don’t really translate to today’s societal norms. So you can’t always try and compare today’s common sense to this story. That’s what they were doing almost 20 years ago! You’re applying MacBook logic on a story that was written with Windows 95!

You guys are still the best

Coach Markus

‘Git Gone’ humanizes Laura Moon

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I just wanted to write in to say that I enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t perfect and I agree with some of the complaints that were mentioned in the Deep Dive episode, but it worked for me because it accomplished two of the main things that I had hoped would come from this series. First, it made Laura seem human in a way she never seemed in the novel. In the book, she was treated more like a plot device than a person which I found frustrating since I think novels with as few major female characters as American Gods shouldn’t make the ones they have so underwritten. This episode did a lot to correct that flaw in the original work. No, it didn’t make me like Laura any better than I did in the book, but I like that they’re putting more effort into making her seem like a real person with real motivations. For me, that was enough and it gives me hope that the show will give her enough space to grow into someone interesting.

Second, it always bothered me that Gaiman never revealed how Laura was involved in the robbery that sent Shadow to prison. That question was toward the top of my wishlist for things that I wanted the show to flesh out. When they changed Shadow’s character to make him seem much more criminally inclined than he seemed to be in the novel, I assumed they had decided to drop that part of Shadow’s backstory. Instead, they used this episode to help resolve that mystery for me. Nice! It was a big improvement from “Small Town Travel Agent Convinces Law-Abiding Husband To Be The Getaway Driver For Never Introduced Characters For Unspecified Plot Reasons.”

Thanks for the podcast!