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Hey everyone,

Really excited for this season, and possibly even more excited for your podcast. The past two seasons were a joy to watch, in large part because of your content each week. Also, welcome to Ash and I’m glad she joined the pod.

I guess a lot of people are wondering if Caleb could be a host. The way they shot his scenes in episode one hinted at that possibility. He would wake up in his bed after having visions/dreams of his time in the military. That felt very reminiscent to Bernard and Dolores from seasons past. The loss of Francis (played by Kid Cudi) is the kind of suffering we think of as a cornerstone or backstory for the hosts, and indeed it is the subject of his visions.

If Caleb is not an actual host, I think the showrunners are using his character as an analogy to the hosts themselves. That is to say, many humans (the 99%) are on a loop as well, working jobs or living life without satisfaction or true purpose. Like most hosts, they aren’t really in control, they can’t change their core drives and they don’t know they are in a simulated world that they can’t control. In short, free will is an illusion to them and not really attainable.

To me, this all begs the question: why have him interact with Dolores? If he is not a host, maybe he’s put in her path to show Dolores not all humans are terrible. He could be to Dolores what Felix is to Maeve, in that he is a catalyst for Dolores to change. Moreover, maybe Incite’s AI sphere gave him the drop off job (through the crime app) so that he would be able to interact with Dolores. Clearly the AI knows and sees Dolores in LA. I think him getting matched with that job despite not doing personals was intentional, and we know that Incite’s AI sphere is capable of influencing people’s lives in a variety of ways. Bringing the two of them together will have an impact on her journey as Caleb is not meant to be her love interest or just a tool for her uprising; he must represent something more.

Let me know what yall think and thanks for reading.

Sincerely, Jack B

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    It’s funny to think about our daily routines as loops, but I think you have something clever there. Just look at the disruption Covid-19 has caused to our “loops.” It shows how much we rely on the routine. While our memories may not be wiped daily, it certainly shows that the repetition is an relevant to our lives as theirs.

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