Brienne Issue

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Hi guys,

lots of talk of books carrying on a different story.. if they ever arrive

But since reading the books… Brienne of Tarth has always been a key character…

Firstly in the finale… she becomes Kingsguard when she has an oath to protect the Stark girls? So why isn’t she on Arya”s boat or leader off the stark queens guard? Another lazy bit of writing to make her write Jamie”s story? Lazy

Of course she”s a strange character anyway.. being that in the books she is dead? So her part in the tv series has always given me pause for concern..

Dan Houghton

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4 Responses

  1. Lauren J says:

    In the books Brienne has been sentenced to hang by Lady Stoneheart, but is not dead yet.

  2. Gene Lyons says:

    Talking objectively about Brienne is hard for me. I am a massive fan of her character and was screaming at the TV screen when Jaime Lannister entered her chambers. She is pure and valiant and brave and powerful and vulnerable and just incredibly human. So I can understand why she was kept alive for TV, and I don’t understand why she wasn’t given a more satisfying or reasonable end.

    • Kenny P says:

      Brienne is hands down, one of the best characters we have seen on this show. I know this wasn’t portrayed on TV because of time, but I strongly suspect Bran, being all knowing and able to see the intimate moments of a person’s life told Sansa who Brienne has always wanted to be or aspired to be. Sansa having cared about Brienne and being who she is, would absolutely release her of her vows, upon hearing from Bran the full story.

      Sansa is one of the few people who would break conventional vows. It makes sense, and this is something that would def be in the books. The whole thing is that she feels forever guilty for being not worthy of a daughter, for having dreams that she thinks could never be fulfilled. Representing one of the big changes in the new world that woman or man, you’ll be able to pursue dreams of things like becoming a night or not having to marry an A hole.

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