Brann And Syrio Forel

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Hey guys.

Talking about Game of Thrones theories regarding one of the most underrated characters Syrio Forel. I just went back and looked at all the scenes with him and Arya. Knowing that she kills the knight king and Syrio was a big influence on her I noticed something interesting. In one scene Ned Stark is in the background watching his daughter training with Syrio Forel. The look on Neds face is a look of concern. What if Brann went back and told Ned to get Syrio Forel to train Arya. Knowing this we might even get a scene with Ned Stark. Let’s face it, we got very little answers for where Brann went when he was in the Godswoods. What if he went back and warned Ned Stark of things to come. Just a theory but it could explain why Ned was always so apprehensive in season 1. Just a crazy theory.

As always I like your work guys.
Tony from the Bronx

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