Bittersweet Ending

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Hey Guys,

This ending was so heartwarming and bittersweet especially with Hays forgetting when he arrived at Julie’s place. But it was probably better in the long run because Julie found her peace in the end and having Hays coming to bring her past trauma would’ve been painful. Plus for Hays, he can rest easy now because likely in his subconscious, he now knows he’s solved the case even if he forgot (While he did have a moment of recollection when he was drinking water, I think it didn’t stay for long). West finally having a family/people to spend time after so long also was great. Also the ending with him being in the Jungle is very aptly put and great symbolism. Time being a flat circle and all but also now him subcumbing to his mind/dementia now there’s nothing holding him back. Anyway thank for the great show, I’m looking forward to your GoT podcast

PS, for those mad about the ending, have only themselves to blame with their increasing complicated conspiracies. This season was much more about characters, their relationships and memories

Tazmin U

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