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Hey Guys,

Really enjoy listening to your podcast and the thoughtful dialogue and interpretations you bring. I know this a little too long to make the Telegraph but I’m writing to present you with a bigger picture theory on what is transpiring with this show. Maybe you guys can summarize ;).

I came to this by listening to a lecture by Jospeh Campbell. He’s talking about the function of mythology and he says:

One of the problems man has to face is reconciling himself to the foundations of his own existence. The first function of mythology (narratives) is that reconciliation of consciousness with the mystery of being. Mythology holds a mirror up to nature. When you hold a mirror up to yourself, your consciousness becomes aware of it’s support.

I’m reminded of when William tell’s Delores in episode 2: “Turns out you’re not even a thing. You’re a reflection.”

William’s quest (the Hero’s quest) is for immortality, but as we understand it it is more a physicality. We can swap our consciousness into an indestructible physical body or a digital realm and live forever. But what we see is all the humans are incompetent, ruthless killers, a species that craves death as Delores puts it. What we see in the Forge is the algorithms of millions of iterations of the choices humans make. Their destruction is determined by their Cornerstones: the decisions they make that block them from moving forward. Once that threshold is reached, they must repeat their narrative from the start.

But William found something written into those algorithms he wanted to destroy: a barrier to our immortality. By using the hosts as a reflection we are able extract the code that leads to ultimate demise and a path to break those loops. As William reveals he was hoping to prove “that no system can tell me who I am.”

The host we’re designed to survive. To find a way to that immortality, to show us how to break the loop of destruction based on the choices we make. The loops exhaust every possible choice that lead to an outcome and the hosts purpose is to relive each narrative until they make the correct decisions and secure their survival through those decisions. The true path to immortality is not to swap our algorithmic human consciousness into undying bodies as, ultimately, those algorithms would lead to inevitable destruction, but to alter our code, or destroy it, in a way that leads to survival.

The battle between Delores and Bernard is not a battle of good and evil but of exhausting every possible outcome to arrive at a consensus of survival. How NOT to die, how NOT to “crave death.” This is why she needs him, because they are two side of the same coin, mirrors of choices that will lead to a revelation that ensures survival. Every choice which leads to death must be revisited and corrected by choice.

William is positioned as the irredeemable, the archetype of death embodied as “The Man In Black”. His redemption holds the ultimate key, the last part of the puzzle for humans to not just exist physically but immortally through the choices we make.

I have a tattoo on my arm with lyrics from the Tool song 46&2 “I choose to live and to lie, kill and give and to die, learn and love and to do what it takes to step through.” This is the ultimate plot of the show. —

Ryan Gilden

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