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Hello guys,
This is Bridget, Big Daddy N.S.P (Aron) girl. Just wanted to say he was cracking up laughing when he heard you guys talking about him. He even Called and told me while he was at work. He just dropped his phone in the toilet so he has me writing to you from my phone. He says if you guys mail him the XL Shat T-shirt with the toilet paper on it (He is dressed in black constantly, don’t really know why, but maybe that is why he relates to you so well?) he will gladly sport that. But obviously as always he will not shut his mouth about you guys and your show. He even at this point now has some of my friends listening to you guys now. He told me to tell you that he heard you mention the movie Ladyhawke staring Ferris Bueller and Cat Woman, along with what N.S.P can only describe as the uncompromising and grossly underestimated devil of an actor and I’m sure some random kid in a suburb of Omaha’s favorite actor Rutger Hauer and he was thinking about forcing you guys to watch that one… Any thoughts? His mother forced him as a child to watch that movie over and over and feels you all should have to feel his pain.


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