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Hey guys,

I had to dig in. Big D, you are speaking my language. I mean, with your theory; sometimes I don’t whose language you’re actually speaking. As soon as Serac said “my kind” red flags went up. If my memory serves I don’t think we’ve heard any human characters refer to themselves in this way, only hosts. So what is he?

I think he’s some version of what you described. At minimum, I think he’s like Patrick Dempsey’s character in the third, Oscar worthy (sarcasm), Transformers film: a human servant to the machine. This would be poetic given the nature of the show. Westworld was a place where Ford was god and machines subject to him and subject to other humans to a lesser degree. If Rehobo (love the nickname) did indeed kill off Liam’s father it may have done it in such a way that would have scare Serac into submission. Or the other way around, Serac may have killed Liam’s father BECAUSE he became a subject of Rehobo. How appropriate that now we are in the real world, Rehobo is the god and the humans the subjects. Where Delores broke out of her loop we now see a human, Caleb, breaking out of his.

If Rehobo is what we think, a machine playing god with humans, do we really think it would allow a human to do its bidding, no matter how loyal? The logical following is that it would create an avatar for itself in the real world a’la Ultron in the Avengers. Maybe avatar Serac is a puppet-copy or maybe he is a true avatar of Rehobo. If you listen to his monologue to Maeve from the perspective that it’s Rehobo speaking, it works out. Especially when he says “Welcome to MY world.” Regardless of if any of that is right, Serac I think is definitely a binary bad guy. His whole speech to Maeve is exactly the “I’m doing this for the good of humanity” speech an evil mf’er would give. Evil genius, evil man servant, evil avatar, doesn’t matter.

I love this theory Dick because it moves the story arc to a destination I think it deserves. Where did we think it was going a season ago?…Sentient robots going to get revenge on humans. Ok, cool. But now? The story hopefully is going in the direction of “Robots go to get revenge on humans – find out a different type of evil robot has already enslaved them – Good gal robot gets recruited by the bad guys – Previously enslaved robots work with the ‘un-looped’ humans to free the human race.” Holy shit I’m all in! And Big D, I’ll never laugh at you like those other two hyenas.

I won’t add it here but oh man I can’t wait to get into the overt Biblical allegory: Solomon, Rehoboam, subjects. Roger is going to love it.

Matthew M. Colson

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    I agree that the “my kind” comment is one to keep an eye on for clues as whether Serac is real or not.

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