Beyond the Wall: It’s Not That Cold

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Hi Guys,

Kevin from the northerly Edmonton, Canada, here.

Though I am loathe to defend this swiss-cheese episode, I did not have a problem with the cold.

Several details suggest that it is not that cold. There is a flowing stream and the ice on the lake is thin. Also, that it is snowing suggests it is not too cold since it rarely snows below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people don’t wear hats at this temperature, especially if they have long hair.

Having said that, one might well freeze standing in the middle of a lake for at least 4 days. The wind in that exposed position would create a much lower wind-chill temperature. They can barely move to keep warm, have no fire, and have lost their supply sled.

One more thing about the cold. A 2lb rock skittering across the lake is no evidence that ice is not thin. Perhaps if it is thrown straight up and down. The newly formed ice might even support a light skeleton, but would surely break anew once the hoard is on it.

On that note, I’m surprised no-one has brought up the idiocy of the Hound throwing rocks at the hoard in the first place. The only effect it could conceivably have is, well, the effect it did have…provoking them to try to cross.

Some problems might have been solved easily. Having the dragon land on land, or even in shallow water, would have negated the need for chains and for attaching them deep underwater. Also, having Danny, who was obviously anxious about the expedition, leave on her own volition would have solved the unforgiveable time problem.

Kevin of the North (Edmonton, Canada)

PS. Well done on the solo podcast, Gene.

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