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Dear Shat Hosts:

I think you are right in that Bernard is being sent back through loops. So, I am going back to Journey into Night and noting down the differences between the Bernards. It is like that kindergarten exercise where you have to find the differences between the pictures. I have a long way to go because there are so many quick cuts that they insert into the show. I find that if you track BerarndArnold by his clothing, you get a clearer picture of when he is. Here is what I see so far:

Bernard 1 – In the first scene between Dolores and ArnoldBernard. As a short cut, I will just call him Bernard. – Black glasses with a modern black suit that fully covers his shirt.

Bernard 2 – Bernard is holding his head in cold storage. This seems to be from season 1 – No glasses, black and blue suit.

Bernard 3 – Bernard is glitching somewhere. – Blue black suit with no jacket and possibly black glasses.

Bernard 4 – Bernard is with Dolores at Arnold’s house. – Light blue shirt with a black suit and blue glasses.

Bernard 5 – Bernard is glitching at Fort Forlorn Hope. Dolores is talking to Bernard at the fort. Bernard is using a flame thrower. Bernard is at the red map room at the hub where he is watching QA being slaughtered by Dolores’ horde. – Black glasses with a grey suit and white shirt.

Bernard 6 – Bernard is watching his new body being made. You see the white synthetic skeleton being made at 9:52 in the first episode of season 2. – No clothing. 🙂

Bernard 7 – Bernard wakes up at the beach and meets QA. The glasses are washed away. – Grey suit with white shirt and NO glasses.

Bernard 8 – Bernard is hiding in the barn after the massacre at the Delos Board party. – Black suit with black shirt and black glasses with green stripes on the side.

This is what I have so far. Now the question is, in which order does it all go? When are we?

– Alice W

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3 Responses

  1. Mike "DBladedPantz" S. says:

    Guys & Gals,

    Have we looked at the possibility that the “faceless” drones that Bernard encounters are not faceless at all, but only appear as such to Bernard because of his Prosopagnosia?

    If so, I have postulated since episode 1 of this Season that Bernard is either exhibiting willful ignorance or due to his nature as a Host, has been programmed to ignore or not see (Doesn’t look like anything to me) his duplicates. This could mean that he works in multiple locations around the park to help either Ford or the Corporate tasks to proceed in secret.

    Further, I think if you rewatch the scene in episode 4 when the drones snap their necks you can see evidence of this. The drone in the back room stands in the doorway as the camera flashes to Bernard in the center of the main room. If you look carefully when the camera switches to Bernard after the drone snaps it’s neck, you can see what looks like Bernard’s dark trousers and shoes in the top of the frame.

    has anyone else seen this detail and agree?

  2. Gene Lyons says:

    Ready for an even more confounding fact? Several listeners have point out that Bernarnold has inconsistent wardrobe changes throughout Season 1, so clothing might not be a reliable indicator of anything.

    Still, I want to believe you’re onto something.

    • Eric H says:

      This is so specific. Charlotte’s in her gold dress, then cosplaying Han Solo. Everyone else is (seemingly) consistent. But the Bernard clothing change seems very deliberate and drastic – sharp black/darks to tweed/white. Like calling attention to it. Friends and I have scrubbed through each scene from the end of season 1 up until S2-4, and cannot find when/where this would have taken place.

      Sequencing wise – from when he first injects himself and Charlotte changes her attire – the next set of events would seem to be when they find Abernathy and Rebus. But his outfit is different. Can’t help but think – does this all support the Bernard is running through loops theory?

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