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Dear Raj, Gene and Big D,

Long time listener to all your podcasts, including Taboo! First time writing in…

I noticed that Bernard was wearing black jacket/black shirt while in the drone-host bunker with Charlotte but when they were pursuing Rebus, Bernard was wearing the grey three-piece suit with white shirt. Same outfit as when he was waking up by the water. Assuming that the Rebus scene comes immediately after the bunker scene, why was Bernard wearing different clothes? Or did something happen to Bernard between those two scenes? Something to do with the Charlotte-in-storage-room-with-multiple-Bernard scene in the earlier trailer perhaps? Um…

Your thoughts?

Great job on all your podcasts and thank you for all your hard work. You do what most of us don’t have time for!

Wendy F

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4 Responses

  1. Mike "DBladedPantz" S. says:

    I’m going to repeat this post on a couple of the other posts to try and increase the likelihood someone will respond. Apologies if this gets repetitive.

    Have we looked at the possibility that the “faceless” drones that Bernard encounters are not faceless at all, but only appear as such to Bernard because of his Prosopagnosia?

    If so, I have postulated since episode 1 of this Season that Bernard is either exhibiting willful ignorance or due to his nature as a Host, has been programmed to ignore or not see (Doesn’t look like anything to me) his duplicates. This could mean that he works in multiple locations around the park to help either Ford or the Corporate tasks to proceed in secret.

    Further, I think if you rewatch the scene in episode 4 when the drones snap their necks you can see evidence of this. The drone in the back room stands in the doorway as the camera flashes to Bernard in the center of the main room. If you look carefully when the camera switches to Bernard after the drone snaps it’s neck, you can see what looks like Bernard’s dark trousers and shoes in the top of the frame.

    Has anyone else seen this detail and agree?

    • Gene Lyons says:

      It’s definitely a possibility, Mike. But everyone else in the drone host scenes seems to react to the drones as big, faceless things, rather than Bernards. Wouldn’t Elsie say something like, “Holy shit, it’s another Bernard!”

      • Mike "DBladedPantz" S. says:

        Thanks for responding Gene!

        One thought on why wouldn’t Else say something like “Holy crap another Bernard!” Well, she kinda does.

        Just before they get to the lab, Bernard frees Elsie and clearly demonstrates he does not recall choking out Elsie and leaving her in the cave. In the midst of this, Bernard pleads with her to help him as his cognitive failure is occurring, and gives her the line (I’m paraphrasing here) “I am free from Ford, I am free for the very first time to make my own decisions.” I think this speech convinces her of his nonviolent and perhaps altruistic intent to help her.

        When she gets to the lab and the first drone shows up, watch her reaction. She’s almost responding as if it is another Bernard – she exclaims “holy shit” or something along those lines just before she unloads the rifle – Bernard even tries to stop her with a plea of, “Wait.”

        Right after she shoots, I think is when Bernard relates what Charlotte said, about the clones not responding to perceived non-hostile entities. At this point, its already too late.

        But when she agrees to leave with Bernard she also says the line, “I’ve always trusted code better than the humans.”
        Doesn’t that sound awfully suspicious in context? Why would she say she trusts the code, if she just shot up a drone which she thought was exhibiting behavior intending to hurt her?

        Within this context, Elsie might be willing to stand down on future drones because she knows the nuance of perceived threats thanks to Bernard.

        Thanks again for responding Gene! Hope this gave everyone some food for thought!

  2. Eric H says:

    Friends and I at work were literally just talking about this and opened multiple windows to scrub through the episodes. We can not find when his costume change takes place, it also seems, he could be in the same outfit the night of the incident as when he robs the facility and has the drone hosts kill themselves (though this could just be due to lighting). This is making us wonder if what we think is the present – 2 weeks post incident supposedly – is actually an entirely different time frame and Bernard on just another loop.

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