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Hey Guys,

In the preview for next episode, we see several of Akecheta’s flashbacks. One such flashback shows Jeffrey Wright shot in the head.

Because of the back-and-forth nature of the flashbacks between past and recent time-frames, people have been assuming that this is Akecheta walking through the bodies at Escalante after the massacre and finding Arnold’s corpse. This is wrong.

When Arnold was shot he’s wearing a totally different outfit.

The version of Jeffrey Wright with a bullet in his skull in Akecheta’s flashback is wearing a grey jacked and a blue-grey dress shirt. Arnold was not wearing a jacket and had a pale purple or lilac shirt on when Dolores killed him.

To further confirm this, here is another flashback. It’s shot from the perspective of the saloon door, as though you were watching Dolores kill Arnold while standing behind her. We see the chair, dead Dolores in her original outfit, and Akecheta standing over a dead Arnold, who is not wearing a jacket.

Conclusion: Bernard gets shot in the head at some point. The picture of Jeffrey Wright with a bullet in his skull cannot be of Arnold (assuming Arnold is a human and only died once). We don’t know when or where this happens. We’re lead to believe it happens at Escalante because it is juxtaposed with other Escalante scenes. As for when, it’s impossible to say – Bernard has been wearing a grey jacket for the better part of Season 2.

So what do you guys make of this? If Bernard is shot after the destruction of the Cradle, does that mean its the end for him? I hope not.

Ken L.

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