Bells Trigger Insane Blood-Lust

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To begin, I think you guys are doing a great job of keeping the discussion objective and middle of the road. Thanks for what you do. I understand what should be a 10 episode season is squeezed into 6 episodes; I get it. But, I am not willing to use that as an excuse for what I think has been the worst story telling of the series. Up until this season I have literally said to friends “this is a near flawless show.” I don’t want to dislike this season; but I do, and here are my comments on this episode.

The best thing about this episode is also the worst thing: and that it is a spectacle. In that respect, it was awesome! We’ve been wanting this right?…A dragon to lay waste to KL…Cersei meeting her end…Clegane Bowl. And the show delivered…ESPECIALLY Clegane Bowl. But the problem is the cost of the spectacle was the most illogical and forced bad decision making possible out of the characters. Their decisions continued to make no sense whatsoever.

When Dany and Jon are at DragonStone, she opens up and basically tells him she’s losing it. Big ole cry for help. He says “I love you” and she actually responds to this. But, following in the decision-making footsteps of Headless Ned, he somehow convinces himself that preventing her murdering thousands of people just isn’t quite honorable enough. Or, he knew that the showrunners needed a spectacle, so he gave her the cheek.

Onto Cersei’s forces. Just a few of Euron’s ships took down a dragon with virtually no effort and then repelled Drogon with the same. We are being led to believe that team Cersei has some pretty mighty assets. Nope. One episode later and the scorpions are completely ineffective and Dany has no problem strategically diving in on the entire fleet and dispatching them in a few minutes along with every defense in KL. That’s all fine and wonderful spectacle that I loved watching. But just last week she couldn’t deal with like ten ships; now every weapon in Cersei’s arsenal is just an afterthought. Why? B/c if Dany had been under any duress at all it could have given justification, if even a little, to her actions. But no, we had to be force-fed that she’s coocoo without it being earned.

Speaking of Crazy Dany. She has faced failure after failure, almost all of which came by way of illogical decision making. But, it’s pretty obvious by what we were shown, her big win is in the bag. And she easily gets it. We finally see good battle decisions being made and then carried out to perfection. So perfect that they gets the city to surrender with zero innocent bloodshed. Bells ring…finally the sound of victory. I guess a good, winning military strategy was all it took to drive over the edge of sanity??? It’s as if the bells of victory triggered her pre-programmed bad-decision-making-bloodlust that the writers brainwashed her with just in case she got a wild hair to NOT murder thousands of innocents. Gotta have that spectacle Dany.

Look, I think the story line where she becomes the villain is good. Very Darth Vaderish. But it has been done by the most uninteresting, forced way possible. I see zero surprises for the finale.

(Oh, and Cersei and Jaime’s death…trope city. She got off easy and boring.)

Even if I dislike this season, I like the pods.

Matt from Bama.

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