Battle of the Bastards or the Red Wedding?

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I heard a lot of Whining about a great episode.

First this is easily a TOP 3 episode if not #1. I agree other episodes like Battle of the Bastards or the Red Wedding are near the top but those were great SCENES in other episodes. in “Spoils of War” EVERY SCENE was Great which vaults this episode Near the TOP.

I disagree on the comparison of the battle scenes in BotB and SOW. I think they were at minimum equally impressive. For gosh sake they set a record on FIRES and Burning Stuntmen in the episode.

Lastly, I think your assessment of the SCORPION and technology overall was poor. We have scene several other movies for stories use a crossbow weapon for dragons (Hobbit, Reign of Fire, ETC). Is it a high percentage weapon, probably not but it is believable. I would be more critical of the fact that Drogon basically burned every wagon including everything around the scorpion but somehow it Survived!!! Also agree it would be difficult for 1 man to control.

Lastly, I think there is an explanation on Dany’s actions on Drogon’s flight patterns. She flies him with the attitude and opinion that he is invincible and unstoppable. Never a thought that a arrow or spear would be a threat so dive-bombing the scorpion is believable. If she does it again later in the season after this then i will criticize. Also the Scorpion is built on a swivel so if she flies in low, high, left , right… wouldn’t matter because it can move around.

One last mention. When Bronn shot the Dothraki soldier with the arrow I assumed it would have been more damaging from a close angle. believing it would pass completely through him but if you notice he fires it before the cross bow is fully deployed so not at its full strength.

Thanks, Love the show.

C Sather
New Orleans

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