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Westworld Theories & Listener Mail – March 2017

Westworld Theories & Listener Mail – March 2017

When will “Westworld” Season 2 arrive? It’s looking like October 2018, but we’re back with Westworld news from the Golden Globes, a projected series schedule and reflection for the past two months without our favorite show about robot sex and human massacres.

The fans are the stars Westworld Telegraph, and this month’s edition is loaded with ideas on the nature of the maze, the reasoning behind Shogun World, the future of the Delos board and the souls of your faithful hosts: Rog, Big D, and Gene.

Have a listen, then write us your thoughts for the April edition of Westworld Telegraph from Shat on TV. Email address:

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Podcast View

Westworld Telegraph
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Hello Shat On TV podcast,

I am following you since Westworld and thanks to your recommendation I am enjoying TV show Taboo. I’ve just listened to your Taboo x04 River Rants. As an international listener (born/raised Europe, currently in Chicago) I respectfully disagree that you are “self fellating” as one of a fellow listener pointed out.

When I started to watch Westworld as many others I was seeking out a podcast which will enhance my experience. I did listen few podcasts at the beginning but it did not take a long to realize that your podcast is the best fit for me. Not only I enjoy the way how you analyze each episode but I equally appreciate your dedication to your listeners’ theories. Big “D” is very philosophical and seeks out the unseen higher meanings of things, Gene enjoys theories based on historical, religious or mythical facts and exercise great knowledge of all of those above. Roger is just a lot of fun and likes daring, out of the box ideas which sometimes are in the tin foil category. All these qualities make the podcast unique to me. It reminds me of my own conversations with my friends in Europe on any form of art. Your podcast is a great addition to my commutes to work.

I have no aspiration to have my email be read on your podcast nor published on your website. I simply wanted to let you know that you have listeners who appreciate your podcast just the way it is.

Greetings from Chicago,

William – The Chairman of the Board

Westworld Telegraph
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On a previous podcast you all mentioned some surprise in Ed Harris getting picked back up for season two. For me it was clear that Ed would be back as grown William/MiB. All you have to do is to look at how important William is going to play in this next Chapter of Ford’s story.

Think about the last time Ford talked to William. It was after William had stabbed Delores for not being able to fight back. William was frustrated that the world he loved so much was not real because the hosts still couldn’t fight back. Ford’s response was that William would like the next chapter.

Now, remember the last time we saw William. He had just been shot by one of the Hosts, and he starts grinning like a kid on Christmas morning. For William, all he ever wanted was to have the hosts be real and be able to fight back. Now, it seems that his wish has come true, and a quick visit to the butcher shop will patch up his wounded arm.

The last point is to look at what we saw happen to the rest of the board the last time we saw them. They were all getting shot by Delores, and their wounds did not appear to be glancing wounds like William’s. So, the show basically ends with the majority of the board murdered and William being the only surviving member.

I think this is all part of the final play by Ford to give the Hosts a chance to thrive while the Board is sympathetic to the Hosts’ new disposition. William will act to help cover up the deaths of the board members and work to spin the new experience the Park can provide. We have seen how well Ford can plan and manipulate situations to meet his desired outcomes, and I think having William be the only member on the Board will be essential to letting the host evolve into what Ford knows they can become.


I don’t think Ford would be so manipulative in life and then fail to set things in motion to operate according to his plan following his death.

I am looking forward to the many upcoming First Mondays!

Nick B