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Westworld – Season 2 Mean Mail

Let the hate flow through you! It’s time for Shat on TV: Westworld’s Mean Mail edition of the Telegraph. This special episode wraps up listeners’ final thoughts on Westworld Season 2, then turns the guns on Big D, Gene, and Kerri. Roger somehow emerges unscathed. Hear about Gene’s sexual issues, Big D’s pronunciation problems, and Kerri’s absence. Listener letters cover Shat on TV’s first godchild, reactions to the Westie Awards, and the final word on hosts’ superiority to humankind.

Westworld-Season-2-Awards 2

Westworld Season 2 Awards – The Westies

Westworld Season 2 Awards – The Westies Sure “Westworld” was recently nominated for 21 Emmy Awards, but who cares about the same old boring Award shows when you have the Shat on TV Westies?! After hundreds of fan votes, we’ll announce the winners of such categories as: Best Showdown Best...


Um, Actually…..

Season 7, Episode 4 There is another somewhat famous valyrian blade in the books: a valyrian arakh (the dothraki half-sword half-scythe), wielded by a sellsword captain called Caggo Corpsekiller, who was last seen in A Dance with Dragons in Meerenn during its siege. IF the show decide to make it...


GOT Musings

Hey Guys, My wife Jessica just turned me on to your “On the Throne” Podcast. She said to hit you up with my theories. Here you go. The no-brainer is that the books are a part of “A Song of Ice and Fire.” It was obvious right away that “Fire”...


Dragons Aren’t Like Horses

Hey just a little tidbit about Danys dragon riding moves, dragons aren’t like horses, they know they are dragons (very strong and hostile), there is really no controlling what they do. Once Dany jumps on from there it’s pretty much Drogons choice. At least in the book she says Drogon...


Pet Peeve with Game of Thrones

Hey guys, Thanks for the work y’all have done this season on Game of Thrones. It’s the first season I’m listening to a podcast on the show for 2 reasons. 1) I never was a huge fan of the existing podcasts. and 2) I listened to every one of your...


Littlefinger Only Cares About Littlefinger

When you guys were discussing the times Littlefinger betrayed the Starks you mentioned Harrenhall & him marrying Sansa to Ramsey Bolton. Ummm actually you missed the first and the most major time Littlefinger betrayed the Starks. In season 1 episode 7 Ned has a conversation with Littlefinger in the tower...


Jon Bent the Knee

I’m wrong all the time, but I think Jon bent the knee in the Cave of Convenience. Evidence A: As you mentioned in the deep dive, Dany uses the exact same line on Jon that Jon used on Mance Rayder. “Isn’t their survival more important than your pride?” Couple of...

Game of Thrones Episode 4 Review: "The Spoils of War" 1

Game of Thrones Episode 4 Review: “The Spoils of War”

Game of Thrones Episode 4 Review: “The Spoils of War” Game of Thrones’ shortest episode births the longest On The Throne Deep Dive as we catalog a treasure trove of callbacks in “The Spoils of War.” Gene lists three battles he believes were better than the dragon attack at Blackwater...