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Do ravens work for the Night King?

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Love the podcast, only just discovered it. Does ‘on the throne’ have the same meaning in the US? If not – well I get it.

So onto my pet theory…

Since when have Ravens had such perfect, reliable homing skills. Pigeons yes, but not Ravens. There must be a huge industry ferrying the birds across Westeros – the Raven breeders are the true heroes.


It does appear that Ravens have extraordinary powers – they can fly through seriously bad weather, and cover long distances at phenomenal speeds.

So what if they are actually the agents of the Night King. He would then have a direct link to all that happens in Westeros, and this may be the cause of his actions – whatever his purpose might be.

Just a thought.

Tim Holmes,

Jon Snow and prostitutes

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Hi guys,

I just listened to the most recent pod and I’d like to add two points.

1) You talked about Jon not being bothered when he finds out Dany is his aunt. But I’m almost sure there was a scene in Season 1 where Jon says he won’t sleep with prostitutes because he doesn’t know who his mother was and doesn’t want to accidentally sleep with someone he’s related to. I tried to find the scene but couldn’t. Maybe someone else has a better memory than I do. If my memory is accurate, he’s not going to be happy to sleep with his aunt.

You probably realized this already, but I wanted to fix my error from point 1 in the previous email. I rewatched the beginning of Season 1 and I was wrong about Jon’s prostitute talk. In Episode 4 he actually tells Sam that he won’t sleep with prostitutes because he doesn’t want to have a bastard, knowing it’s tough to grow up that way.

2) Regarding Theon’s redemption arc: The show has avoided this, but Euron has to sail right past Dragon Stone to get to King’s Landing. Maybe Theon will see Euron’s fleet headed to Essos instead of the Iron Islands and discover the double-cross.

Thanks for reading.


The Hound, Arya and fire

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This theory may sound crazy, but here it goes.

We now know the Hound sees visions in fire and I’m sure this isn’t a new “talent” for him.

I believe that the Hound saw a vision of his brother being killed by a small girl, and probably shared this with his brother. This caused the Mountain to react as a ginormous child would and push his brother into the fire where the vision was.

In the walk to the Dragon Pit, there was the casual chat of Brienne and the Hound. She mentioned Arya was alive and that Brienne was trying to keep her alive. The Hound causally mentions that he was trying to “do the same”. Why on earth would he keep Arya alive other than to end the life of his dbag brother?

So, the Mountain knows that a small girl is coming to kill him and the Hound reminds him since he knows Arya is alive and vicious.

I would love to see Arya to mark him off the list 🙂

Thanks and LOVE the podcat!

Where are female dragons?

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Hey guys!

I haven’t read the books, but there is one thing that is bothering me since season one, and it is related to Dany’s legacy.

Where are female dragons?
Let’s remember that Targaryens are “just regular humans” without dragons. What stresses me out isn’t just the possibility of Daenaery’s being unable to bare children, but also HOW WILL DRAGONS REPRODUCE. Why no one talks about this? If I was her I would be in absolute panic, specially after one of my dragons has just been killed.

Even if Daenaerys came to the throne and even if she had a Targaryen child, this doesn’t mean anything if she doesn’t have a plan B regarding the dragons. What happens when they die?

Please help me with this.

Also, I wanted to make an aesthetic observation: notice how everyone is slowly wearing black now (Jorah, Dany, Jon, Cersei, even Tyrion.)? Believe me, this is a reference to the fact that everyone is consciously or unconsciously “taking the black” in order to fight the Army of the Dead.

A minute of silence for Baelish, my favourite character.

Love your podcast, looking forward to your work when Westworld begins again.

Trini, from Chile.

Does Qyburn control The Mountain?

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so i’m not a game of thrones geek but i do love it! i’ve never read the books etc. but after this season finished i was left feeling like i needed more! thankfully i found your podcast and have listened to all of the episodes you’ve released for season 7, i just have a small theory and maybe i’m well off, but i’ve heard you saying that we all thought that the mountain was controlled by Cersei, and now we see he might still think for himself slightly, but i think that he’s being controlled by Qyburn, maybe he’s told the mountain to never hurt a lannister and that’s why he didn’t kill Jaime when given the nod, and i think that Qyburn has got a much bigger role to play in season 8, anyway you’ll probably have a quick answer to this that’ll shut me up but i thought i’d email anyway!

keep up the good work,

Lewis from England.