Author: Dick Ebert


Homo Deus & Westworld

Hello, I keep waiting for someone to mention the book “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari during your podcast as it relates to Westworld. I don’t know if any of you have read it, but I feel like the writers of Westworld must have. While in my opinion it’s not...


SWS DoD real world simulation

Hey, Just to finish a couple odds and ends Ash. To clarify my end, I am Vincent C, hence my email address in my name. My wife has the desktop setup in her account, hence youtube handle Gigi Bouse. Sorry just want to make clear. So part of PROMIS is...


Is Rohobo acting like HAL in 2001?

Big D’s theory about Rohoboam acting to preserve its existence and purpose in the world seems suspiciously like the same problem HAL had in 2001. Its prime directive to protect the mission to Jupiter at all costs conflicted with the threat posed by its human subjects to shut it down...

Westworld Episode 2 Review: "The Winter Line" 1

Westworld Episode 2 Review: “The Winter Line”

Shat on TV’s coverage of Westworld Season 3, Episode 2: “The Winter Line” starts off intelligently with discussions of free will vs sentience, the nuance between hero and villain, and Ashley Schlafly’s brilliant overview of Louis Althusser’s views of subjection and the state. Things take a turn as Dick Ebert unveils his latest treatise: “Rahobo, The God Humans Need,” force-feeding Gene enough tinfoil to spark a Divergence. Suddenly, it’s Big D worshipping at the altar of Coconut Guy, Gene Lyons offering to kill Dick to save the world, Ashley classifying Serac’s accouterment as “Bond Villain,” an extended team giggle-fest, and the Shat Boys getting way too specific about Westworld’s timelines.


Meet The New Boss

Hosts, Wow! That didn’t take long. Big D timidly broaching how beautiful Maeve looked in the white dress. This after Ashley notes the physical attractiveness of Caleb, Hector and Stubbs. And then she says she’ll be discussing Louis Althusser – member of the French theorists like Lacan, Foucault, Sartre, Barthes-...


Maeve is Serac’s Winter Line

Shat Crew: Thanks again for everything you do, especially during this public health crisis when many people – me included – need some friendly voices in their ears. Big D – you’re always my favorite, especially all the talk about bears. Dear me! I’m a bit of a WWII nerd...


The Winter Line Duality

Hello, As we often find the creators of Westworld using the titles of it’s episodes to procure a dual meaning, so too do we find out latest episode “The Winter Line” pulling double duty. War World, set in Italy during WW2, shows us a land beset with Nazi forces on...


I’m still around and Ash is cool

Hey guys, Long time no email. Super excited here at the beginning of WestWorld S3. I’m following the pod, as usual, albeit a bit behind. I’m an industrial engineering inspector so, luckily, my work has kept me busy with 13 hr night shifts; keeping up has been challenging. I’m digging...


Stubbs’ Amazing Performance

Good Evening Guys and Gal, To start, I would like to keep the wonderfully earned momentum, and welcome Ashley to the family. Her emails were one of the highlights I looked forward to during season 1 and 2 and now it’s fantastic to get a healthy dose of her perspective...