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Season 7 Episode 5 – The Small Council

Game of Thrones Season 7 – Episode 5 – Small Council

Three-headed dragon? Valonqar Prophecy? The magic of Little Sam? Season 7, Episode 5 shifted the tone of Game of Thrones from intrigue to fantasy, and listeners had a lot to say about it.

This fan mail edition explores the astonishing (and sometimes improbable) events of “Eastwatch.” And we take little time to argue who would have the best bachelor party in Westeros.

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Season 7 Episode 5 “Eastwatch” Review

Season 7 Episode 5 “Eastwatch” Review

Jaime’s safe (phew!); Tarlys are roasted, and Arya Stark’s caught little Finger in a trap. Or is it the other way around?

The Game of Thrones Episode 5 Deep Dive focuses on Jon Snow’s improbable Suicide Squad, Bronn’s wavering allegiance, Cersei’s pregnancy prophecy, and the some of the most bizarre plot holes in Game of Thrones history.

We also map how Jon Snow and Gendry echo the history and friendship between Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark. If you thought “Eastwatch” moved fast, wait till you hear our light-speed recap. Continue reading Season 7 Episode 5 “Eastwatch” Review

Season 7 Episode 5 Instant Take

Game of Thrones Episode 5 “Eastwatch” Instant Take

“Eastwatch” had so many huge reveals, we had to flip the Instacast format! Did you catch all three key developments in Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 5? Find out what we spotted, and let us know what we missed. Also find out why Big D yelled at his TV screen (Jaime’s rescue) and what moment quenched Gene’s bloodlust (Tarlyque). Continue reading Season 7 Episode 5 Instant Take

Season 7 Episode 4 – The Small Council

Game of Thrones Season 7 – Episode 4 – Small Council

Did Jon Snow already bend the knee? Will Tyrion be the next to die? What will happen to Jaime Lannister, and what’s the connection between Khal Drogo and Drogon?

This weeks’ On The Throne Small Council explores these Game of Thrones viewer emails after Season 7’s most thrilling episode yet. We’ll also discuss why characters always are getting shafted through the back, who Littlefinger really cares about, and why a U.S. Army tank crewman believes Scorpion really could shoot down a dragon.

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Shooting at Dragons

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One of the hosts mentioned that it seemed a bit far-fetched to be shooting at dragons with a ballista…

  1. I am kind of surprised ballistas haven’t been seen yet in Game of Thrones. They are a natural progression for this genre of military technology. Granted, this is a particularly well designed, well balanced, ballista… but whatever. It seemed very believable to me. It would be my answer for… “What the heck do you use to combat dragons!?!”
  2. Shooting at dragons with a ballista. I spent 9 years in the US Army …on tanks. Today’s “ballistae”, if you will. I.e., A heavy direct-fire weapon system. Some of the most fun I had in the military was when we were engaged by attack helicopters in mock combat (think: very sophisticated laser tag). These things were fast and extremely dangerous. They could cause heavy damage, but… we could, and did, engage with them and shoot them down during our training. Loads of people said that we couldn’t be effective (especially the helicopter pilots) until we started taking them out. Fighter jets were way too fast for us to track and shoot, but not helicopters. They were fast, but not fast enough to hit them with our “bolt” (a tank sabot round is an 18″ rod). The scenes in this episode reminded me precisely of that time in my life. Utterly believable. Imagine later in the show if they have 4 or 5 of these weapons. The importance of seeing the ballista come out during this battle is that they are no longer a mystery and Daenerys will now be ready for and expecting them.

    Flying low. I am sure the producers had the dragon come in low simply for dramatic effect. But… tactically, this makes a lot of sense as well. A low flying dragon causes more damage because people lose track of where it is and can’t react as easily and take defensive action. This also enhances that other weapon: Terror — as in “Dear god, where’s the fucking dragon!?!”

    Personally, I loved this episode. My wife and I were on the edges of our seats for much of it. Littlefinger is creepily terrifying. Jon had a tremendous, and pragmatic, speech in his advice to Deanerys… and it worked the politics of that inner circle. The writers found a way to show the importance of the coming northern threat that seemed believable. Arya is a total badass, and leaves you wondering if Bran is not the only one who has lost their identity. Sansa (my wife and I used to call the show “The Poor Sansa Show”) has really developed so much depth of character. Bran … how lucky are the casting folks for selecting someone at such a young age that can now project such other-worldiness? What a coup! And the battle scene was spectacular, both on the ground and in the air.

Thanks for the podcast. Good stuff. – Todd