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Game of Thrones Season 7 Review & Thronie Awards

Game of Thrones Season 7 Review & Thronie Awards

If you enjoy awards shows, this is the episode for you. We kiss Game of Thrones goodnight with a Best Scenes of Season 7, top-to-bottom ranking of Season 1-7, and announce the winners of the inaugural Thronie Awards. Your write-in responses were so imaginative, we added extra minutes to the On The Throne special. Also, big news about Game of Thrones Season 8.

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Season 7 Episode 7 – The Small Council

Game of Thrones Season 7 – Episode 7 – Small Council

What on viewers minds after the thrilling finale to Game of Thrones Season 7? Incest, Clegane Bowl, Littlefinger’s justice, Theon’s survival and Tyrion’s master plan. This week’s Small Council also examines your emails on redemption arks, Lannister and Stark babies, and whether Ned Stark was a fraud. With more than 100 emails submitted for this episode, it’s a power-packed edition of On The Throne.

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Death of the Ice Dragon

Have a Game of Thrones Theory? Share It Now!

Hey Guys,

I love the podcast, it really gets me through the drive to work!

I have a theory regarding the “Ice” dragon and his eventual downfall that will bring the land of the living together and cement alliances in the war to come.

We know that Dragon Glass and Valyrian Steel can kill White Walkers. It’d have to be a pretty awkward situation that leads a Dragon Glass dagger to killing the dragon so I think it’s safe to rule that out.

That leaves us with Valyrian Steel. It’s been mentioned before that only a few of the best blacksmiths in Kings Landing can re-forge Valyrian Steel and I feel like it’s been said that Gendry is a pretty great blacksmith. Is it possible he learned how to reforge Valyrian Steel while blacksmithing in Flea Bottom?

Several of the characters all carry Valyrian Steel swords that they covet or were handed down from the Great Houses of Westeros. My theory is that, in a time of desperation, they will sacrifice their swords and reforge them into a bolt for the Scorpion.

The Night’s King wouldn’t see it coming, he has no reason to think a normal steel bolt would hurt his dragon, and this would force our main characters to sacrifice something they love for the betterment of all. Not to mention it also sets up a situation where Jon/Dany have the blacksmith and Cersei has the Scorpion. They each possess something the other needs to get through the war.

It also sets the stage for a great buddy-cop, freeze frame high five ending! Obviously, that last part ain’t happening.

Thanks for all the great insight and entertainment!
-Mat H

Q&A GOT Season 7 finale

Have a Game of Thrones Theory? Share It Now!
Hi guys!

This is Linda from Twitter (@LLinda_W). Let me first say you guys are awesome, I love your podcasts and I look forward to whatever it is you have next in mind.

Ok my first question is pertaining to Arya’s List and whether or not The Hound is on it. Is he?? And if it is, will she still want to kill him especially since he seems to be working with Jon and Dany? I think The Hound has come a long way from the man we saw in the beginning. If he is on her list do you think she will, change her mind about killing him? She loves Jon, so if Jon, for the most part, trusts him can she let her hate for him go for the better good which is the war that’s coming.

Also, do you think Tormund is still alive? He is a favorite for me and he hasn’t had his chance with the Big Woman aka Brienne.

One last question. Do you think Bronn will go with Jaime to Winterfell? He has no reason to stay in Kings Landing, especially since Cersei thinks he is still friendly with Tyrian.

Thanks again guys and keep up the awesome work!!

Linda M

GOT Question / Food for Thought

Have a Game of Thrones Theory? Share It Now!
​Hello Gentlemen!

Love the show. Big D, I am thinking of you and your wife and think it was very brave of you to share that personal information with your fans. I know it must be tough but I’m sure your wife really appreciates having a great husband and partner.

Now down to business. I would love to pick your brains on something I have been thinking about. I assume that Lyanna whispering that Jon’s name was Aegon Targar​yen in the Tower of Joy made Ned realize that Lyanna was a willing participant and that Rhaegar had not kidnapped Lyanna as Robert thought (at that moment if not before). Do you guys have any thoughts on whether Ned suspected or knew this before that moment? How do you think this knowledge affected Ned’s actions once he learned this information? It doesn’t seem very Ned-like to allow this huge lie to fester, although if he was allowing the lie to fester in order to protect his nephew, perhaps it was justified in his mind? This information likely would have bruised Robert’s pride to say the least so part of me gets why Ned would not want to tell Robert that Lyanna just wasn’t that into him. Yet that doesn’t seem like a reason Ned would rely on.

Maybe it is just as simple as his promise to protect Jon trumped all other honor or truth telling. However, I would assume this information (which no one else knew) would have affected Ned’s decisions or life views in some ways. He obviously had independent reasons to hate the Targaryens (or at least the Mad King) separate and apart from the Rhaegar/Lyanna situation, but Ned was so diplomatic and fair I don’t think he would have held the Mad King’s actions against the entire family, especially if his sister had been in love with a member of said family. In retrospect are there any actions or decisions taken by Ned that you think were affected by this information? Would love your thoughts and thanks so much for all of your hard work and thoughtful commentary.


Amy from Chicago, Illinois