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American Gods Episode 2 Theories

This week’s American Gods fan mail focuses on the symbolism behind the gods, opinions on the Neil Gaiman book and the horrific nature of male anatomy. Long-time listener Jez Bell chimes in with some Easter eggs we all missed, and “Westworld Theorycast” host W. Axel Foley laments American Gods’ repetitive formula of the blood, slow motion, high-speed film, blood and more blood.

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Episode 2 The Secret of Spoons

American Gods Episode 2 “The Secret of Spoons”

American Gods Episode 2: “The Secret of Spoons” divided a growing audience and sparked debate over Orlando Jones’ depiction of old god Anansi. And then there was Robbie’s dick pic and the Space Boner.

This week’s topics also include Gillian Anderson’s portrayal of Media, Bilquis breaking the Fourth Wall, Shadow Moon’s importance to the gods, and Czernobog’s prolonged screen time.

Among all the thrill and shock value, Starz is building a solid, artistic show that isn’t afraid to take chances and treat us to beautiful camera tricks and visual delights. Continue reading Episode 2 The Secret of Spoons

Shadow Moon as portrayed by Ricky Whittle

Wow, you responded! I’ve been listening to your podcasts for the last year for GoT and Westworld. I’ll definitely email more now that I know you actually read them!

I’ve been so excited for this series for SO LONG. I read the book and immediately assumed it would be a movie soon… And when that didn’t happen, I soon gave up hope and just listened to the audiobook once a year.

And… Shadow Moon as portrayed by Ricky Whittle is almost perfect for me. I feel like he’s doing a great job showing the standoffish and yet magnetic aspects of this character. Also, he’s hot hot hot. I’m not going to complain that I get to watch him for a while. – Cassie