Author: Dick Ebert

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Westworld Episode 3 Instant Take: “The Absence of Field”

If your main question after Season 3, Episode 3, was “who’s in those pearls?” you missed a lot of really good TV. Westworld’s genre-switching was phenomenal; Tessa Thompson’s portrayal of another inside Charlotte Hale’s shell was impeccable, and plausible glimpses of future tech were both astonishing and chilling. In this instant reaction episode, we touch on Rahobo’s mirror reality, Caleb’s augmentation, Charlotte’s predator within, and the very idea of identity. The Shat Crew also announce their new Twitch channel and celebrate pedophile murder. Also, if you miss our opening theme music, blame Apple for not allowing Audacity on Catalina. We’ll have it fixed for the Deep Dive.

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Westworld Episode 2 Theories: “The Winter Line”

Listener mail after “Westworld” Season 3, Episode 2 covers great minds like Lacan, Fromm, Faucault, Sartre, Barthe, Chomsky, and Rahobo.Ashley and Gene compare brain boners. Big D finds a mispronunciation mate, and we celebrate the memory of a Shat listener who is no longer with us.Longtime friend of the pod Thiago writes in with a Biblical “Umm … Actually” while laying on thicc praise for Armand Delgado. Muhip gives us a lesson in adversarial neural networks, and Dick Ebert teaches us about CPU bottlenecks.We discuss whether Dolores ever put a Westworld friend in Charlotte’s body, whether Maeve ever met Serac, and whether hosts other than Dolores already have infiltrated the “real world.”


Westworld: Telegraph for The Winter Line

Hi Crew, Love the podcast, it’s truly my fave. I have a few thoughts on the last episode, if you’ll indulge me, but I guess that’s what you’re paid the big bucks for… I’m pretty annoyed with the discussion of “free will” as if it’s even worthy of discussion. Just...


Homo Deus & Westworld

Hello, I keep waiting for someone to mention the book “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari during your podcast as it relates to Westworld. I don’t know if any of you have read it, but I feel like the writers of Westworld must have. While in my opinion it’s not...



Hey guys! Westworld s3 premiered on the first anniversary of my wife of ten years suddenly passing. She was very much looking forward to that day and was actually the one that turned me on to the Shat Family. Needless to say it was a heavy week but I decided...


A little more evidence for Big D’s Tinfoil

Hi all! I’ve been listening to you for many years and have always loved your perspective on this show as well as GOT! Today, as I was listening to Ashley respond to Big D’s tinfoil (which I LOVED listening to BTW), something dawned on me that adds to the “evidence”...


Erich Fromm’s The Sane Society

Hey, Great podcast this week. I think I may have enjoyed it more than the episode. Your discussion of Free Will and Capitalism reminded me of a great book by Erich Fromm called “The Sane Society”. Fromm argued that the individual is really just a creation of Society to...


SWS DoD real world simulation

Hey, Just to finish a couple odds and ends Ash. To clarify my end, I am Vincent C, hence my email address in my name. My wife has the desktop setup in her account, hence youtube handle Gigi Bouse. Sorry just want to make clear. So part of PROMIS is...


Is Rohobo acting like HAL in 2001?

Big D’s theory about Rohoboam acting to preserve its existence and purpose in the world seems suspiciously like the same problem HAL had in 2001. Its prime directive to protect the mission to Jupiter at all costs conflicted with the threat posed by its human subjects to shut it down...