Arya’s and Jon’s Endings Make Sense

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Gene & Big D:

While I”ve been a loyal listener for many years, this is the first time I”ve sought to make contact.

As for my thoughts surrounding the GOT Series Finale. I pretty much called several key points: I predicted Jon would cut down Daenerys before she could sit upon the Iron Throne which would lead to his again “taking the Black” only I thought he would do it voluntarily. Small difference.

I’d heard the leak about the Dragon Pit “Kings Council” and predicted it”s members would consist of Bran Stark, Robyn Arryn, Edmure Tully, Yohn Royce, the New Prince of Dorn, Ser Davos, Yara Greyjoy and Tyrion. AND while I said he would be named Prime Minister and not King, I did accurately predict Bran Stark as the new Westrosi head of state. Finally, I knew Sam would show up the “History of Westeros After the Reign of Robert Baratheon”, now titled “The Song of Ice and Fire.” Not bad – huh?

Anyway – I have some initial reactions to the finale. First, I think it would be helpful to those who think naming Bran as King was “totally out of the blue” to go back to Season One Episode One “Winter Is Coming”. If they do, they”ll notice that that show was almost entirely focused on Bran. Perhaps GRMM and the Double D”s were alerting us to that fact that the central character of this new Game of Thrones show is this young boy. And the story they”re about to tell is HIS.

One really should not be surprised by Jon”s apparent joy in returning to the Nights Watch. Going back to the first season, probably the only decision that he ever made that was not circumstantial and/or forced upon him was his ‘taking the Black”. So why wouldn’t he be pleased to return there? Likewise, Arya”s decision to “sail away” was foretold in Season Six Episode Eight”s “No One.” After being stabbed by the waif, Arya is bandaged-up by Lady Crane Who asks where she”ll go now that this assassin is trying to kill her. Arya responds saying, “What”s West of Westeros – nobody knows – that”s where all the maps stop – I”d like to see that.” So – no surprise there. And I LOVE that the last shots we see of her in Sunday”s finale mirror Season Four Episode 10 “The Children”. Only instead of being bound for Braavos and her new life as a faceless man, she”s bound for another really new life in places unknown.

However, like many, I do have questions regarding Sunday”s show. — Why was Tyrion left out of “The Song of Ice and Fire”? This is seemingly a joke for joke”s sake that totally undermines the accuracy and value of that very book!

Why did Brianne not write in “The White Book” that Jamie Lannister anointed the first female knight in history? Also, why did she not correct the entry stating that “Joffrey 1 was killed by Tyrion Lannister.” At the very least maybe she could have added the words “allegedly” or “charged with” or “found guilty of”?

Why didn’t we get a scene where Tormund greets Jon upon his return to Castle Black and says something like “So Jamie Lannister is dead – hmmm – too bad. So where”s the Big Woman?” It”s obvious that the Double D”s are going for humor in a few places yet they totally missed this opportunity.

Why were the Dothraki not represented on the Council deciding the new king? They sacrificed more and traveled farther than anyone to get there and were Dany”s first loyalist supporters. Dany”s death created a need for them to choose a new Kal – so why wasn’t that person present?

Why was Sansa and The North allowed to withdraw from the Seven Kingdoms? Surely Yara Greyjoy and probably the new Prince of Dorn would demand the same.

Why was Grey Worm and his Unsullied allowed so much control in those Dragon”s Pit discussions? There should”ve been at least one episode after “The Bells” and “The Iron Throne” in which we would see the various kingdoms reacting to the events in those episodes. Perhaps then we would also see Sansa and her Northern armies actually surround what”s left of Kings Landing so that when she warns Gray Worm against harming Jon, we”d know she really had the stronger hand.

Why the hell is Ser Bronn of the Blackwater on the King”s Small Council – as Master of Coin noless??? Agreed, he”s now Lord of Highgarden, one of the richest realms until it was sacked by Jamie and the Lannister armies before Dany and Drogon”s Loot Train Attack in Season Seven Episode Three “The Queen”s Justice”. But it”s not so rich anymore – so why is this sell-sword, this unprincipled lovable scoundrel in a position of power? THAT makes no sense whatsoever – in ANY universe!!!

Was Grey Worm and the Unsullied”s retiring to the Isle of Naath, Missande”s original home, a nod to book readers – or – a wink to careful viewers – or – just another giant plot hole? Probably the latter I feel. The former would be based on GRMM”s writing where what has protected this island of innocents for centuries was their inborn immunity to “Butterfly Fever” transmitted by certain “butterflies” (‘with wings as big as a man”s hand”) indigenous to that location. That fever is fatal to all those who remain on the island for more than a few hours. So are we being told with a bit of a wink that they are heading to their deaths? For careful viewers: were we told by Missande of these killer butterflies in some earlier episode”s narrative – one that I cannot recall at this time? I guess a planned re-watch will answer that. If that were the case, that would be another not-so-obvious way of telling us the Unsullied were sailing to their doom. Or: was this just another pointless plot hole?

Other observations:
• Those who assail Bran for knowing what was going to happen all along – and doing nothing to stop Sansa”s suffering at the hand of Ramsey Bolton, Arya”s blinding and abuse or The Red Wedding — are missing an important point. He doesn’t really know what he”s seeing when he sees it. He”s said he totally lacks perspective and context. And – he”d been taught by the Three-Eyed Raven never to intercede (a la Season Six Episode Three”s “Oathbreaker” where he encounters a young Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy) •Re: Jamie and Cersei”s demise – didn’t we see the ceilings cave-in and bury them? How then could Tyrion have located them so easily. It”s like being buried in some sub-basement of the World Trade Towers and somehow being found at the top of the pile of rubble.
•I love how the Double D”s set-up Jon”s decision to kill Dany. FIRST: Arya had to say she knows a killer when she sees one, which sent him on a mission to feel out Tyrion”s thoughts on the matter. Where it not for Arya”s comment, he probably would”ve just gone directly to Dany, who would”ve somehow manipulated him into delaying his taking her out. SECOND: Tyrion finally had to point out to Jon that if he didn’t kill her NOW – RIGHT NOW – there”d be little doubt that she would in short order, go after Sansa (and probably Arya as well)

HATS OFF to Ramin Djawadi, Michele Clapton, Deb Riley and the various Cinematographers, Directors, Special Effects people – and above all – the Actors! Peter Dinklage in particular deserves multiple Emmy”s for his work this season.

I”m sure in time I”ll have more questions – and hopefully perhaps more answers.

For now, let me just once again agree with you that most of what happened made sense. They just could”ve done a much better job at real plot development As you”ve been saying, foretelling and foreshadowing is not the same as real plot development. When we rely on the former, we react with shock. With the latter, we”re just surprised – like the beheading of Ned Stark or the Red Wedding.

Anyway – Peace Out – and Valar Morghulis!

Howard E.
Beacon Falls, CT.

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    That’s an angle I hadn’t considered: Part of Jon’s motivation in killing Dany is a fear that she’ll target his own family and Winterfell itself.

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