Arya Azor Ahai

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Hey Guys,

I put it together, but I’m certain others already came to this conclusion:

Three 4 letter words that start with A: Arya Azor Ahai (see: Hodor/hold the door). Not a coincidence. GRRM loves his fun with words.

Born amidst salt and smoke. Salt: Theon, a prince, born of salt. Jon/Aegon Targaryen, a prince, born of fire (Targaryn) and ice (stark)… (fire + ice = smoke). Remind me, what was transpired when the Night King entered the Godswood? What characters were front and center that were not a WWs, the NK, or the Wights? Bran… Arya… and?

Oh ya… Theon… charging at the NK, and Aegon fending off the Ice Dragon. Salt and Smoke. Not a coincidence.

Lightbringer – We know the “catspaw” dagger is old and significant as it appears in the book at the Citadel. It has been arguably the most significant inanimate object from season 1, through season 8. If the “catpaw” dagger is Lightbringer, or a reforged fragment of Lightbringer, then all the talk in the prophecy about how Lightbringer was made and forged is irrelevant. It’s already been forged. It just needs to be in the hands of the Last Hero/Azor Ahai and used to kill the Night King (The Great Other).

Arya is in fact a princess, if not as a Stak, she is related to Aegon Targaryen, as his cousin. Bran is the Three Eye’d Raven. There are no male Stark heirs other than Aegon, who is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Making Sansa the Queen of the North, and Arya THE princess of the North at a minimum.

Lastly, there is no doubt, Arya ended the Long Night and brought about the dawn.

P.S. If the Dothraki were useless without fire on their weapons (and nobody who planned the batter had any idea their useless weapons would be catching fire that night) why are they not on the wall with bows and arrows with shard of dragon glass, instead of increasing the army of the dead exponentially. Arrow heads of dragon glass are the most time/resource efficient weapon they could have crafted. Cavalry are useless vs an enemy that is not affected by chaos, does not retreat, and fights with no regard to their existence. This bothered me more than the “artillery” or lack thereof. I was OK with the fire “moat”, but where were all the men (Dothraki) on the Battlements/ramparts to rain arrows down on the Undead Army and be a force multiplier for the living… rather than for the undead.

Stacey E

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