Arnold Made a Host of Himself

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Arnold is still alive? He made a host of himself (the General in Teddy’s faulty memory that is killed by Wyatt/Delores) and the Arnold host is executed, not Arnold human. We don’t have details on how he died.

Arnold has been in living in hiding in The park and creating his ghost host army. He is the person with a “fuck load of privileges” who had previously been messing with Maeve, prior to Felix’s upgrade. He is the person that was communicating with the 1st generation hosts (per Elsie). He is the REAL Wyatt. He would have the ability to evade detection. He is a brilliant programmer. He wants Delos gone and the hosts free.

Just saying…

I really enjoy your podcasts and for the record, as a die hard feminist, your comparison of William/Logan to strip club experiences with dudes/chicks who believes they have a special relationship with the strippers is RIGHT ON the money. Any one getting offended by your comments needs a reality check.

Keep up the great work!!


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