Another Bad Episode For Female Kind?

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Hey Guys,

Jorah death, she handles it, dragon death, not good, but she takes it, Missi head lopped off, not good, but she’s had worse days. Jon refusing to sleep with her is the straw that breaks the camels back enough to kill 1000’s of innocents!!! Another bad episode for female kind?


Just to highlight her descent still further it would have been good TV to see a pause amid the destruction where she makes eye contact with either Jon or Tyrion with the audience wondering if this is enough to snap her out of it, but then she carries on.

Cheers guys


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2 Responses

  1. Gene Lyons says:

    I mean, King’s Landing is a huge place. Eye contact is asking a lot.

    • Kenny P. says:

      Agreed gene. Also, I think it’s fairly possible that she doesn’t trust Jon or Tyrion anymore. I think the people she trusted and/or could have persuaded her out of doing it are all dead. Missandei even said Dracarys upon death. The advisors closest to her were with her the longest, don’t underestimate that impact on a person. She thinks she isn’t loved in Westeros, and she’s likely right. So, as she says, fear it is.

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